‘Supernatural’ fan-designed t-shirts to begin sales today

SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW) / SUPERNATURAL Design Challenge Tee (Image Credit: supernaturaldesignchallenge.com)
SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: CW) / SUPERNATURAL Design Challenge Tee (Image Credit: supernaturaldesignchallenge.com)

Back in March, Supernatural executive producers Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer announced a challenge for the entire fandom. The task? Design a t-shirt that represented the core value of Supernatural: Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. And the winners would be turned into official merchandise, available for purchase at a later date.

That later date has come, my friends. Starting today and running through the end of the week, a new t-shirt will be announced for purchase each day. Each t-shirt will be available to purchase for only 48 hours after the design announcement, or until supplies last.

So how did the contest work? Over the past three weeks, Supernatural fans submitted thousands of t-shirt designs to the contest, after which over 100,000 votes were cast to determine the top 20 designs that would be shown to cast and crew members for a final decision.

Now, the best part isn’t even that there will be five Collector’s Edition Supernatural t-shirts to purchase this week. It’s not even that by purchasing a t-shirt fans are automatically entered to win one of 25 t-shirts signed by stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

The best part, my friends, is that 15 percent of the proceeds from the $24 spent on a shirt will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (And there’s no charge for domestic shipping on those shirts, either!)

So head on over to the Supernatural Design Challenge website to order your t-shirts (or shirts!) before they’re gone forever!

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