Must have Stationery: Etsy Edition


For those of us who still enjoy the ancient practice of handwriting letters, finding cool stationery is the equivalent of all you modern folk finding the perfect phone case. It’s that level of exciting.

Seeing as the web is home to a great deal of artsy individuals, it is no surprise that there are a plethora of unique stationery sets to be found online. Below is just a sampling of the fancy-schmancy paper products you can use for future writing endeavors.

Cut-out Initials Stationery

This minimalistic stationery is adorable for couples looking to make it official in their mail. Buying cards with your initials cut into the card? That’s commitment. A word to the wise: as this set is pricey, make sure you’ve found “The One” before buying personalized stationery!

State Personalized Stationery

For those writing to long-distance loved ones (or those who just really love their state), these cards are for you. If you think personalized stationery is fun but you’d prefer not to go monogram crazy, this stationery is subtle way to stand out from the boring letters of old.

Teacup Stationery Set

If you’ve taken one too many spins around Disney’s Mad Tea Party ride, these cards might make you a little dizzy. But, for the tea lovers of the world, this cutesy-quaint set is a sweet way to share your hipster caffeine addiction with friends and family.

Embossed Greeting Card Set

Aren’t they just so… pretty? They might even be too pretty to let out of your sight, but if you do, they’re sure to brighten up their recipient’s day with their spring-like colors and intricate designs.

All-Purpose Thank You Stationery

Some may call it lazy; I call it one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. Though it’s the thought that counts, writing “Thank You” cards can be a drag. That’s why this sassy “Thank You” stationery is all sorts of awesome. Just a quick check off the list and bam! Your work is done.

Writers can rejoice — the stationery industry appears to be alive and well, with plenty of new designs popping up every day. The art of letter writing is not dead yet!

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