Is Spray-On Lotion Right For You?

Spray Moisturizer

Spray-on lotion, is it weird or worth it? The newest fad in beauty products is the strange-yet-smart spray-on lotions. The concept seems ingenious: a hands-free, simple and fast way to put on lotion with little to no fuss. Although lotion has never been quite the fuss to put on – unless it has a self tanner, then it turns into an all out fear fest if you miss a spot. So is this new beauty product worth investing in? Read the pros and cons list below to see if spray-on lotion is right for you.


Goes on light

Sometimes lotion can just be heavy and hard to soak in. When in spray form, it goes on evenly and lightly. Sprays are generally a lighter formula, which helps skin soak it up fast while still getting the moisture it needs. No more giant globs that you just can’t rub in.

Easy to travel with

No more worrying about the top of your lotion bottle twisting in your bag and releasing an avalanche of lotion over everything. Sprays are almost guaranteed not to come open without a helping hand. This makes sprays perfect for traveling or throwing in an overnight bag.

Hits all of the hard spots

Some spots can be hard to hit with lotion: back, elbows and shoulders for instance. Sprays can help hit those hard spots with a wide spray and ability to sometimes spray when upside down. No need to ask for help if you can’t get your back, the spray will easily hit the spot.


Sprayers can clog

One downfall of sprays is that the sprayer can become clogged. This can be easily cleaned with a q-tip and some water, but it can be a hassle. The easiest way to divert a sprayer issue is to clean off any excess after each use.

You may have to rub it in

Just like those spray-on sunscreens that spout they are “no rub,” sometimes you will have to rub in the spray-on lotion.  Whether it’s because you sprayed too much or your skin isn’t absorbing like usual, there will be times when the spray is not completely hands-free.

Not as much bang for your buck

Compared to bottled lotions, the spray-on lotion is not quite as much bang for your buck. Since it needs to utilize air to create the spray, the bottles are not as full and the product gets used up faster. You will probably go through a bottle twice as fast.

Overall, try picking up a bottle and see if the pros outweigh the cons. This is a product that really depends on what you’re looking for in a lotion. If you’re looking for something that’s travel ready, hits hard spots easily and goes on light, then definitely grab a bottle on your next trip to the store.

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