Miley Cyrus (Image Credit: MikeWillMadeitVEVO)

Everything I Ever Needed to Know… I Learned from Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (Image Credit: MikeWillMadeitVEVO)

Miley Cyrus (Image Credit: MikeWillMadeitVEVO)

If I say “twerk” what comes to mind? If you answered Miley Cyrus you’re probably not alone. Since she began hyping her Bangerz album, Smilers have been seeing a different side to their beloved Miley, and they’ve been loving it. During this shock-factor phase, I’ve taken the time to notice a few things that this new and improved Miley has taught me and many of today’s impressionable youth.

I’m thankful Miley has been here to help me learn the cryptic world that is fashion. I now know that there are only three colors you can purchase clothes in: “animal” print…




 …and same-color-as-your-skin.


Also, there’s only two ways to wear those colors: in a one-piece jumpsuit or a two-piece set. Or some combination of both.


But at least she recognizes she only wears half a shirt and feels some kind of remorse for the people that make full-length shirts… and probably pants.


I used to be sort of socially awkward but then I discovered that sticking your tongue out is totally in right now.


Especially when you’re wearing a onesie.


Or if you’re just generally happy about anything.


She also has great advice for being sexy. Just do exactly as she does.


Exactly…as she does.


And above all else, twerk. Twerk until you can’t twerk anymore.


But jokes aside, this girl has confidence and she knows who she wants to be. Even if that is a twerking and licking phenom who occasionally sings songs on the radio.


So remember, it shouldn’t matter what other people say. As long as you’re happy, you’re living life the way you should.





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