Pretty Little Liars: Most Shocking Revelations of the New Season



Pretty Little Liars is back for Season 5 and already off to a deadly start (Spoiler Alert – Don not continue reading if you haven’t seen the Season 5 Premiere!).

The newest episode picked up right where Season 4 left off with the never-ending question – “Who is A?” In the show’s usual fashion, some answers were revealed, while more questions were formed.

Here are some of the most shocking revelations of the first episode of Season 5:

1) Ezra is alive: I’m not really sure this is shocking to anyone, but I’m just happy he’s alive. I figured the writers wouldn’t kill him because he’s now an integral part of solving the mystery behind A, but you never know what the writers of the show are willing to do to add more mysteries to the story. When Ezra woke up after surgery, he whispered to Aria the identity of A and she took off to tell the rest of the gang.

2) Melissa Hastings has a secret…and she actually wants to share it: At the very end of last season, Melissa returned home from London. While at the police station for questioning, she whispered a secret to her dad. During the new episode, Melissa was ready to spill the beans to both her mom and Detective Holbrook, but Mr. Hastings told her that no one could ever find out. Now, Melissa is keeping silent on what could be the answer to who is buried in Alison’s grave.

3) Mona is forming an A army: We all know Mona has plenty of issues, but now she’s involved an entire group of people with her crazy antics. She has gathered everyone that Alison was ever mean to and wants them to help her take Alison down. The shocker? Paige may potentially join this group now that Emily and her broke up, and Lucas is back and ready to help Mona seek revenge. Oh, and Melissa is part of the group too, but that’s not all that shocking.

And the most shocking of them all…

4) Shana is/was A: All along, Shana had been trying to kill Alison. She found her way to the Fitzgerald Theater (where the Liars were hiding) and revealed her attempts to kill Alison. Shana has been in love with Jenna all along and has been trying to seek revenge for what Alison and the Liars did to her before she went blind. Just before Shana was about to shoot Alison, Aria showed up in the nick of time to knock her off the stage with a gun prop. Shana fell to her death and now Aria has a murder on her hands.

Now that Shana is gone, the Liars believe they are free from A, but are they really? I guess we will have to see how this new season plays out.

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