The Shy Person’s Guide to Accepting Compliments


Compliments are a part of life. It takes courage to give them, but it also takes courage to accept them. Accepting compliments can be hard for shy people, so here are some tips to make it easier:

1. Say thank you.

It takes more muscles to deflect a compliment than to say “thank you,” so why not save yourself the energy? Besides, it’s classy and gracious to say it. (OK, I’m working on the science of this claim. But still.)

2. Remember that people generally aren’t out to get you. They probably mean what they say.

Unless the person says something like, “I like the way you’re rude and chew with your mouth open,” he or she probably genuinely wants to compliment you. Remembering this should make #1 easier.

3. Give a compliment in return.

It’s just the normal thing to do, and it will turn the attention away from you smoothly if you’re uncomfortable in the spotlight.

In addition to knowing the right things to do, there are also some things to avoid when accepting a compliment graciously:

  • Don’t play the “This old thing? I just wear this when I’m cleaning the house” card.
    Playing it off like you’re unimpressed even though you’re wearing your favorite jeans or a thousand-dollar gown sounds cute in your head, but people might find it rude.
  • Don’t give a long explanation about why compliments make you uncomfortable and how you don’t like them.

That’s just not fair to the other person, you know? Not to mention it may have the unintended effect of making the other person feel even more uncomfortable than you!

Learning how to accept compliments is an important life skill. But beyond that, it’s important to realize it’s okay to acknowledge how amazing you are!

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