Tips for Growing Out Bangs


Bangs can be a big change. They can be trendy, help change up your look and be an easy hairstyle to rock. But after a while, bangs can be a bit of a drag. You might be bored with the bangs or decide they are not quite the perfect cut for you. Then comes the moment of terror: it’s time to grow them out. Growing out bangs can be a pain and cause some hair distress, but it is possible to grow your bangs out without looking like Cousin It for half of the process.

Consult your stylist

The first step to making growing out bangs an easier process is consulting your stylist.  Your stylist has seen tens, if not hundreds, of clients who have gone through the same difficult, annoying process.  They will be able to give you a cut that makes growing your bangs out look stylish instead of like your hair is taking over your face. The messy, hair face shield just isn’t in, so trust that your stylist can give you a great cut for growing out those pesky bangs.

Utilize a straightener

As your bangs grow out, they will probably become more and more unruly. To keep them in the proper place, try hitting them with a straightener. The heat will help keep the frizziness down and keep them more uniform and in line. You can also help keep bangs out of your face when they hit a weird length by using a straightener to pull them up and arch them at the scalp to give more volume and take away some of the length.

Invest in some clips and gel

At some point, your bangs will probably grow to a length that seems impossible to deal with. When this point has hit, it’s time to get creative with pulling them back. Invest in a non-flaking gel and some clips to keep those crazy bangs back and out of your face. For a night out look, pull bangs up and tease underneath them. Spray with a medium hold hairspray and clip the ends at the top of your head to create a cute look with volume.

Braids and headbands save the day

Once your bangs are almost long enough to be considered for your next non-bang hairstyle, braids and headbands are the perfect option. With a little more length, bangs can easily be thrown into a small braid. Add a sparkly clip right above one ear to keep hair held down. When bangs are long enough for a headband, if pulling straight back, use a brush to pull bangs down onto head and spray lightly with a shine enhancing hair spray. If pulling to the side, hide a bobby pin under the headband to keep bangs from falling out as the day progresses.

Growing out bangs can seem like a mess, but with these styling tips and tricks you can make the transition stylish and easy. With a good stylist, some great products and a few hair tools, you can say goodbye to your bangs happily.



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