What’s the big deal about…Chelsea Peretti?

Chelsea Peretti (Image Credit: Tonya Wise/FOX)

Chelsea Peretti (Image Credit: Tonya Wise/FOX)

What’s the big deal about Chelsea Peretti? I first saw her perform in Los Angeles two years ago and her unique style of comedy has made me want to follow her career ever since. Peretti is quick-witted, silly and very sarcastic. In addition to being a talented comedian, Peretti is also a podcast host, writer and actor, who currently stars as Gina Linetti, the office administrator on the hit FOX comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If that doesn’t answer the question for you, here are four reasons this funny girl is such a big deal:

1. Hilarious Standup Comedy

Peretti has been performing standup comedy since 2000. She was named one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch  by Varietyand she just taped a new hour-long standup special in San Francisco. If you haven’t had the chance to see her perform on stage, there are lots of YouTube  videos where you can watch Peretti talk about relationships, friends and 50 Shades of Grey. She loves to laugh at herself and give sarcastic looks to crowd. Peretti has perfected delivering her jokes with a straight face. I recommend watching/re-watching her material while you wait for the new standup special to come out!

2. Call Chelsea Peretti

In 2012, Peretti started Call Chelsea Peretti, a hysterical podcast that features anyone who is willing to call in and talk about his or her life. The podcast is truly unpredictable. Peretti uses funny voices and sound effects to emphasize her punch lines. She will talk with callers about anything from bear attacks to The Bachelor. The best part of the show is the variety of calls that she receives! If you have a story to share, check out Chelsea’s Instagram  and Twitter  feeds to see when you can call in. You might just get to talk to Peretti on the air!

3. Writer Extraordinaire

Peretti is a skilled television writer! She was a guest writer for Saturday Night Live and she wrote several episodes of Parks and Recreation. You can even spot her as a concerned citizen of Pawnee in one of the episodes! The creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine worked with Chelsea on the Parks and Recreation set, and they liked her comedic style so much that they wrote the character of Gina Linetti with Peretti in mind. Thanks to her successful work as a writer, she now has a starring role in the new series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

4. Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina is one of the funniest new characters on television. She is sassy and self-centered yet extremely likable. Peretti has brought the character to life with her hilarious facial expressions and physical comedy. Gina is fearless and loves to share her eccentric opinion on everything. The best part of any Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode is when Gina starts to dance. There are several scenes in the first season that feature Gina’s entertaining dance moves and I hope they continue to showcase this talent. It’s clear from her performance that Peretti has the knack for finding the comedic moments of any role. Whether she’s performing onstage, online or on TV, Peretti has the ability to make something funny.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Gina when Season 2 premieres this fall!


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