Summer Sun-Kissed Skin Essentials by Kelsey Murray of Tickle Me Pink

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Summer is the best season, in my opinion. The weather gives skin a dewy glow that make up can’t attain. No, I am not talking about the gross sweat dripping down your face from the broken air conditioner, on the subway. I’m talking about that sun-kissed, youthful look that is extremely palpable on summer nights. With the help of a few important products you can keep that look from going sour!

Let’s break it down. Typically, the moment you walk into a bar you tend to feel most confident, your freshest. You just finished getting ready and your make up has set perfectly. It’s when the humidity starts to frizz your perfectly flat-ironed hair that you begin to panic. The sweat trickles down your temple and messes with your winged eyeliner and that dewy look has become a major DON’T.

The hotter months are meant for glowy, nude shades and shimmery appeal. After a long day at the pool or a fun night of partying, it’s essential to exfoliate. Dermalogica Daily Mircroexfolient is my go-to! It buffs your skin without leaving it irritated or red.

The Idealist Even Skin tone Illuminator by Estee Lauder or the Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up Illuminator are perfect for a smooth, even shine. You don’t want a blotchy tan to ruin your day, do you?

I like to stick with a neutral palette for my eye shadow. A golden tone like the Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow will go with every outfit you own!

With sun damage awareness at an all time high, it’s no secret that sunscreen is a must. Protect your skin by using foundations with SPF like Laura Mercier. Purchase an ‘age spot’ pen to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

The absolute best part about summer make up is that you don’t need a lot of it! I use half of the amount of make up during July than I do in any other month. A dab of concealer, a dusting of bronzer, a swipe of liquid eyeliner and a red-hot lip are all you need to dance the night away!


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