ORPHAN BLACK (Image Credit: BBC America)

The Most Memorable Moments of ‘Orphan Black’ Season 2!

ORPHAN BLACK (Image Credit: BBC America)

ORPHAN BLACK (Image Credit: BBC America)

Orphan Black is everything I love about television: outstandingly refined acting, incredibly seamless camera work and a plot that never fails to blow my mind. The show stars the acclaimed Tatiana Maslany as several clones as they discover one another, try to figure out their origin and face the repercussions of the cloning procedure. The sophomore season of the BBC America sci-fi show has come and gone, but it didn’t go without leaving tons of memorable moments that will forever be on my Tumblr dashboard.

OBHelenaHelena is back and more hilarious than ever

The final scene of the season two premiere gave one of the season’s best surprises: Helena survived! I loved Helena’s return for mostly two reasons: Maslany gives such an exhilarating performance as the crazy Ukrainian; and Helena is simply hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s the accent or just how deadpan Maslany delivers the lines, but it’s one of my favorite things to look forward to each week. From hissing at Felix to her innumerable eating scenes, I love this “sestra,” especially when she sang “Sugar Sugar.”

Alison does a musical (it’s not Cats) and goes to rehab

Alison is the uptight soccer mom who (sort of) killed her neighbor Aynsley, an event that haunts her for the majority of the season. She tries to play it cool and even takes over Aynsley’s lead role in the community production of Blood Ties, which is actually a real musical. She’s hilariously mediocre, and the show did a great job amplifying the comedy in these scenes. Ultimately, the pressure of everything gets to her, and she ends up in rehab. Alison’s conservativeness is also a great source for one-liners and rehab gave her quite a few. “I don’t believe I’ve ever done ‘the nasty’” and “In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them” are just some of my favorites. Plus, her and Felix’s screwball antics to hide an unconscious Vic is absolutely hilarious.



This is the big mystery. The first season was mostly about the clones discovering one another while this season was more so about them trying to figure out why they were created, who created them and also to find a cure for the disease that seems to be wiping them out. One of their original creators Ethan Duncan was introduced this season, and with him came some answers: Project Leda was taken over from the military by the Dyad Institute, the clones were made barren by design and he truly loved Rachel.

Backstories (sort of) revealed

OBRachelWe get to explore Rachel’s background as a self-aware clone who was loved by her adoptive parents. This season we get to see some emotion from this otherwise cold and calculating character — namely, when she discovers she’s just like all the other clones and is barren by design and that Sarah is technically the special one. And you have to admit her constant home video viewing was a bit terrifying. Personally, I just love her for her accent. Her best line: “Paul, your absence is inconvenient, and your silence is irksome.”
After really only brooding around all season, Paul finally became interesting again when it was revealed he was a double agent the whole time — actually working for the military for Project Castor and just spying on Dyad and Project Leda. Hopefully he’ll get a better run in season 3.

While Paul may be all cleared up, I still can’t pin down Mrs. S. All I know is that she knows WAY more than she has revealed and I just want to know how high up and how far back she goes with the cloning projects. As frustrating as it was to never quite understand where sh
e’s coming from, it is always a surprising twist when she lets slip a mere sentence that changes everything.

OBCosimaCosima. Cosima. Cosima

I started writing the “Other OMG Moments” below and realized Cosima dominated the category. Whether she was doing an outstanding Dr. Leekie impression or being a boss at Runewars, Cosima always managed to shine in every moment she was on screen. Sure, she was sick the entire season, but the show managed to make that work for her. She’s barely breathing on her own, yet she managed to create the contraption that lead to Sarah’s escape from Dyad and to Rachel’s eye-patch wearing future. You know the Game of Thrones Twitter campaign, I propose a new one: If Cosima dies, we riot.

OBEnter Michiel Huisman

Swoon. Huisman is now steaming up two of my favorite shows as Sarah’s ex-lover and Kira’s father Cal on Orphan Black and as Daario Naharis on Game of Thrones. He mostly served as a safe haven for Kira but proved his worth in the finale when his hacking skills eventually led to the discovery of…

Male clones!!

This was the biggest twist of them all. Just when you think you have a grip on the whole story, Orphan Black creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett throw you for a loop. While Project Leda housed female clones in the Dyad Institute, the military had its own clone operation for males called Project Castor, which includes Mark the Prolethean. I have no idea where this is going or what the backstory is, but I can’t wait to see how everything unravels.


Other OMG moments:

It’s a clone dance party!!

Sarah starting the season running as she tries to find Kira and Mrs. S. while tackling some Proletheans too. She truly is the action hero of the show.

Clone acting double Kathryn Alexandre finally got to be on screen as midwife Alexis in Episode 9

Helena goes all Carrie on Daniel and scares the bejesus out of Sarah

Donnie accidentally kills Dr. Leekie, an event that finally makes him a decent character and reignites his marriage to Alison

Thanks to the book Professor Duncan gave her, Kira may have just given Cosima the answers she needs to cure what’s killing the clones. Thanks H.G. Wells.

After 400 attempts, another clone, 8-year-old Charlotte was created

Gracie sporting the zipped lips look

Sarah impersonating Rachel in order to get into Rachel’s apartment. Poor Troy.

Henrik Johannsen getting a taste of his own medicine. “Horse babies or cow babies?”

Scott became a really adored and worthy side character.


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