Eminem performing at Lollapalooza (Image Credit: David Silverman)

Summer Music Festivals: What’s Happened and What’s Happening

Eminem performing at Lollapalooza (Image Credit: David Silverman)

Eminem performing at Lollapalooza (Image Credit: David Silverman)

Summer music festivals are a must for many, whether you’re a college student, teen, adult, even grandparent. Yes, it’s true. Grandma doesn’t just like to get down to the oldies in your summer cabin. She likes being outdoors, listening to music, as much as you, or so we speculate.

Summer music festivals offer a great chance for all to kick back, relax and jam out to some amazing tunes!

However, sometimes it’s hard to know what festivals are happening and where during the summer season, so we’ve got the low down on what festivals are over and which ones you should pencil into your busy summer schedule for this year. Maybe, you can plan ahead for next summer in the process.

Here’s to summer memories and music!

What’s Wrapped?

Country USA- Oshkosh, Wis.

For those who like a little country in their musical fest step, Oshkosh is the place to be during the last few weeks in June. Though it’s wrapped for this summer, we suggest putting it on your schedule for next year, especially if you’re a Miranda Lambert fan, because their site countryusaoshkosh.com has her listed as a headliner on June 23, 2015. How exciting! Tim McGraw anyone? Their site also has his picture up, which can only mean one thing…

Summerfest- Milwaukee

Whether or not you attended this year, it’s important to know that Summerfest occurs annually. So, if you didn’t get a chance to go this time around, make sure to set yourself up for availability next summer. It’s the largest music festival in the world for crying out loud, tell us you don’t want to Instagram that? This year’s lineup included acts like: Bruno Mars, Usher, Lady Gaga, Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley, just to name a few. The headliners always change, so you never know what you’re in for, except likely a cold beer, if you’re of age. This year, the festival happened June 25-29 and July 1-6.

What to Look Forward To?

Lollapalooza- Grant Park, Ill.

Lollapalooza goes on Aug. 1-3 in Grant Park, Ill., featuring a slew of awesome artists like Eminem, Lorde, Kings of Leon, Calvin Harris and more. Unlike when the show first began in 1991, Lollapalooza now allows concertgoers to register their “Lolla-bracelets” online. Event producers are encouraging participants to go cashless with their digital wristband by attaching their credit card information to them. From there, all wristband wearers will have to do, once their information has been registered, is scan their bracelets in the Lollapalooza entryway, then enter a PIN code to pay for drinks and food at the event. More information is available about the wristbands on the fest’s website: Lollapalloza.com.

Summer Meltdown- Darrington, Wash.

Summer Meltdown takes place over a period of three days, Aug. 7-10. Event-goers have the option of camping out at this grassroots-themed festival. For adults that aren’t sure whether or not to bring their tykes, fret not, because there are kid activities to keep them occupied. Aside from that, this event is not just focused on their headliners, but also will enthrall guests with a beer garden, green village, music workshops and all that jazz, but not really- this is a grassroots festival, friends. There are a variety of acts to get excited about, being The Strumbrellas, Yamn, McTuff and more.

Imagine Festival- Atlanta

From Aug. 30-31 concertgoers can thrive in featured dubstep music. This festival is all about electronic dance music. So, while others are camping out over Labor Day weekend, you can be listening to some of the most mind-bending music in the U.S., in downtown Atlanta. Don’t let being out of state turn you away from going either, because Imagine Festival is super accessible. Atlanta is home to the U.S.’s busiest airport, so there are a lot of different, economically efficient travel options available for guests. Rumor has it Imagine Festival has a pretty rad atmosphere, what with their art installations, vendors and more.

Whatever festival you decide to invest your time and money in, we hope it’s worth summer memories.

Happy listening!


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