Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs for COMMUNITY (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

‘Community Panel’ Talks Yahoo Screen at San Diego Comic-Con

Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs for COMMUNITY (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs for COMMUNITY (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

“It’s season six of Community! You’ll be watching it the way you’ve always watched it, only now it’s legal!” declared series creator Dan Harmon in the show’s San Diego Comic-con panel this week.

Harmon is so psyched about Community’s resurrection that he, along with producer Chris McKenna and stars Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Dino Stamatopoulos, paid a visit to Comic-Con to discuss season six and the show’s jump to Yahoo Screen.

Harmon said he kept the small possibility of an online series on the down-low, just to keep fans’ hearts from being broken. Now that the show has found a new home, the cast, crew and writers are ready to start cracking.

The show, Harmon confirmed, will still be rolled out on a weekly basis (which good news for people who have lost days of their life binge-watching.) There was little else to say about the details of season six though, because, well, it hasn’t quite been written yet. One fan asked if the show’s much-loved holiday shows would return, but given that the it will not return until after the holiday season, that could be a bit tricky.

“We don’t want to be doing Halloween episodes in February if we can help it,” McKenna cracked.

While fans eagerly await more news on season six, they can dream about the doors that have been opened for the show by its move to Yahoo, like the chance of Troy (Donald Glover) returning, or, more importantly, a real-life MeowMeowBeenz app.

“We did 5 seasons with a studio that literally made computers, and we kept saying ‘why don’t we make an app?” said Harmon. “I think Yahoo will open up all sorts of possibilities.”

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Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore
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