UNDER THE DOME (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

The best of the ‘Under the Dome’ panel at SDCC!

UNDER THE DOME (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

The cast of UNDER THE DOME (Image Credit: Gage Skidmore)

Yesterday at San Diego Comic-con, Kevin Frazier hosted a panel with the cast and crew of the hit CBS show Under the Dome, based on a Stephen King novel. As the cast was being introduced it was noted that Rachelle Lefevre and Alexander Koch were dressed appropriately in cosplay outfits for the panel. Lefevre dressed as Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck and Koch as The Walking Dead’s Daryl. Lefevre also made sure to tease youngster Colin Ford as he was introduced as a teen dream by pretending to be a flummoxed female fan vying for his attention. Here are some highlights from the panel:

  • In the second season of the series there have already been some surprises including the disappearance of one major character and heartthrob, Barbie, played by Mike Vogel. Executive producer, Neal Baer, talked about how the creators of the show have started a ceiling memorial called heaven to those the cast has lost in their office. Alexander Koch addressed how the removal of characters can be sudden and often times difficult when you’ve worked closely with that actor(s) and created bond that now has to be broken for the sake of the show.
  • Frazier asked the panel whether anyone will get out of the dome this season and Baer alludes that someone may escape, although it is unclear whom. Vogel piped in to say that they’ve found a way to broaden the scope and world under this dome, but was vague on how exactly that would be done.
  • When asked, “Will we find out what Angie saw in the locker before she died?” Baer said they will definitely reveal that mystery before the season finale.
  • Then the topic turned to love between characters including the triangle between Julia, Barbie and Sam, who recently made a play for the beautiful redhead. Lefevre discussed how hard it is as a viewer to wrap your head around the fact that in the world under the dome, only one month has passed while for the viewer it’s been a year since the last major development. Somehow the writers have to move the show forward for the viewer without compromising the diegetic timeline that Lefevre described as “tricky.” Dean Norris (Big Jim) made sure to quip, “You call it tricky, I call it slutty.”
  • Once the laughter subsided, they moved on to talk about Barbie and his character arc from potential bad guy who killed Julia’s husband, to hero and love interest of Julia. Mike Vogel spoke up to say that he thinks that the romance is as equally unbelievable as the dome, but somehow the writers were able to smooth the arc so that Barbie’s character was always perceived in the best interest for the town.
  • Then Frazier asked Norris about the importance of Stephen King’s continuous involvement in the show. Norris glowingly stated that the man is a legend and an icon that is vital to the development of the show. He then went on to admit that King does scare the crap out him. Baer also promised a whole new set of stories, development and exploration of tunnels as they head into season three.
  • The moderator asked for some teasers from episodes we haven’t seen yet and the cast mentioned Barbie’s surprise background as a rich kid/trust funder that has shirked his upbringing to become a military man. Colin Ford also talked about his character, Sam, and how his actions and motivations tie-in very closely to the dome.

Overall, it was a fun panel to watch although admittedly, Mike Vogel, my personal favorite seemed bored and/or uninterested in playing to the crowd. Dissimilarly, Norris aimed to entertain with jokes while Lefevre offered lengthy responses into the psychology of the show. To watch the entire panel and listen to audience member questions, check out all five parts on the Under the Dome YouTube channel.

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Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore

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