Tips to Achieve a Wide-Eyed Look!

Wide Eyed

Feeling tired is always a drag, but looking tired is almost as bad! Nothing ruins a chic outfit more than looking like you haven’t slept in days. Sometimes we really can’t get the rest we need with our hectic lives, but you can get a beautiful, wide eyed look without all the shut eye! Follow some of these quick beauty tips to get wide eyes and fake that you slept the full 8.

Ditch the bottom eyeliner

Lining the bottom rim of your eye can actually make your eyes look smaller. Using a dark color like black, navy or mocha also makes eyes look darker, smaller and less rested. Try skipping the bottom liner to make eyes look wider or if you must line, line the outside of the eye instead of the water line.

Add highlighter to the corner of your eye

Adding a little bit of brightness into the corner of the tear duct will work wonders for not so wide-awake eyes. Using a white, crème or shimmery champagne color in the inner corner will make eyes look bigger, brighter and more alert. To make it look cohesive, begin by placing shimmer at the top lid where your eyeliner ends and sweep down to the corner and just slightly onto the bottom lid.

Use a thin line of eyeliner

Heavy, thick eyeliner can make eyelids practically disappear and look droopy and tired. Trade out thick, bulky liner for a very thin line to give eyes a boost. If you have tiny eyes on top of sleepy ones, try winging your liner out to make eyes look even bigger.

Trade dark colors for lighter ones

As much fun as dark colors are for smoky, sultry eyes, they can also make eyes look weighed down and tired. Trade out black, navy and grey shadows for an array of more natural, neutral colors to make eyes look wide and alive. For an extra pop, line the bottom waterline with a white or crème colored pencil to create even bigger peepers.

Mascara means business

Wide-awake eyes can be achieved with a simple swipe of the right mascara. Lashes that lay low can make eyes appear droopy and small, so take those lashes up a notch! Look for a mascara that curls and volumizes to make lashes long and give the illusion of wider eyes. To make it even better, hit the lashes with a lash curler before mascara.   We can’t always get enough beauty rest, but with the tips above you can look like sleepy beauty in no time. Although shut eye is always best, you can cheat every once in a while.


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