The Best of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ panel at San Diego Comic-Con!




The question on every fan’s mind at the end of the last season of The Vampire Diaries was undoubtedly this: Are Damon and Bonnie going to come back from the infamous ‘other side?’ If you’re looking for the answer to that question… you came to the wrong place. Though cast members Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Matt Davis and writer Julie Plec lined up for the panel at the 2014 Comic-Con, they were giving nothing away about the upcoming season. They were, however, dazzling us with their wit, charm, adoration for their fans and, yes, their good looks.

Despite the lack of jaw-dropping details being unveiled, we did get a few essentials squared away from Julie Plec. The new season will begin with a necessary time jump. “It’s about four months give or take,” she explained. “It’s been enough time for everybody to make some big choices in their life and to move forward in whatever way it is that they feel like they can move forward. Some are doing it very well and some are not doing it very well at all.”

With Damon and Bonnie on the other side, it’s expected that the entire show and its characters will take a shift. When asked what her reaction was to reading the script and knowing she was going to be killed off, Kat Graham replied with much admiration to the concept. “I really loved that Bonnie was a character that Julie created that was really about sacrifice. I love that when she went out it was her choice. And I think that was something so powerful. So when I read the ending, I wasn’t sad, I actually felt empowered by it, because it was a choice of the character,” she said.

Ian, however, responded in a different manner: “The first thing I thought was: Vacation. And then I thought, if you’re gonna go, might wanna go with a woman that’s that hot.” Agreed, Ian.

And, of course, there’s the question of Elena. Undoubtedly known for losing everyone she gets close to, the loss of Damon is the cherry on top of a terribly depressing cake. So much so that the interviewer ordained her the “Widow Gilbert.” So, how will she cope? Will it be with some “grief comfort” from another character, as so cleverly asked at the panel? Nina Dobrev spoke on behalf of Elena, putting the question of another love interest very gracefully to bed. “I mean if she did that, I feel that would mean that her experience and her love for Damon wasn’t real,” she said.

“So, I mean, when we pick up four months later, she’s definitely not in a happy place, although she has a very interesting, confusing, strange way of dealing with her grief.”

The topic of Elena’s love life, however, became one of the biggest interests of the panel. It’s hard to dismiss such inquisitiveness on this particular topic, as the love triangle between Elena, Damon and Stefan is the core of the show. This led to the question in the back of every fan’s mind (whether you ship Stelena or Delena): Is there a possibility of Stefan and Elena getting back together? Paul Wesley’s answer was as follows: “I think she should end up with Matt.” So, that’s a no?

The demands of sharing an on-screen love interest sparked the curiosity of a particular audience member, compelling them (wink, wink) to rise the issue of jealousy. Question: Do you find yourself getting competitive? Answer (Paul): I’m only jealous of Nina. Answer (Ian): Paul and I share everything.

Post the initial questions, the rest of the Q&A centered around general questions about the set and the panel’s personal endeavors. Ian kept it light hearted and witty, commenting on how the show kept them from eating too much fried food in Georgia. He mocked the writers, saying: “We’re gonna keep you guys naked enough so that you eat a couple leaves of lettuce a day. And enjoy that steamroom buddy.” I highly suggest you watch this panel if not only for the hilarious comments of Ian Somerhalder.

To bring the panel to a close, each cast member was asked to create a hashtag to embody their character. Of course, it was only fitting that the writer Julie Plec take on the task. She delegated #herohair to Stefan Salvatore, #tripleganger to Elena Gilbert, #bourbon to Alaric Saltzman, #bourbonbuddy to Damon Salvatore and #fierce to Bonnie Bennett. What do you think, fans? Is that fitting?

Hashtag your favorite characters new designated taglines, and keep your eye on The Daily Quirk for continued San Diego Comic-Con coverage!

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