Jack McBrayer and Triumph (Image Credit: Turner Broadcasting)

Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Comic Dog team up for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim

Jack McBrayer and Triumph (Image Credit: Turner Broadcasting)

Jack McBrayer and Triumph (Image Credit: Turner Broadcasting)

Jack McBrayer, star of Tina Fey’s 30 Rock and contributor to Conan’s late night show, has a new project coming to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and it looks to be a riot.

The show follows McBrayer as “Jack,” a previous child star of a show similar to Lassie. When the show is canceled, McBrayer’s character is brought down by his co-star “Triumph, the Insult Comedy Dog.” Jump forward 15 years, and Jack seems to have bounced back from the fallout, but after Triumph pops back into the picture things take a turn for the worse.

The series, a 30-minute live-action sitcom from the minds of McBrayer, Robert Smigel (Saturday Night Live) and Michael Koman (Late Night with Conan O’Brien), was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con last week.

The multi-cam sitcom in the vein of Seinfeld came from a sketch put together by the minds mentioned above at a comedy spot in Chicago known as “The Wiener Circle,” according to McBrayer.

In an interview with The Daily Quirk, Mc Brayer (with Smigel and Koman) said he and the creators had fun with the sketch and later discussed with Smigel and Koman what else they could do with “Triumph.”

“It was fun to think of Triumph and Jack in a sitcom,” Smigel said. “It’s sort of a throwback show and Triumph has the best intentions for Jack, but it doesn’t always work out,” he laughed. “Triumph will play both an antagonist and a hero in the show,” McBrayer added.

The show will also feature Academy Award-nominated actress June Squibb (Nebraska). “We’re excited about having strong actors,” Koman said.

“The silliness of the characters and the premise makes it kind of exciting, and we have an affection for it when it’s done well,” Smigel said. “It’s a great vehicle for performers and you get the same energy from the show as you do with sketches on shows like Saturday Night Live.”

As far as story arcs and narratives that span multiple episodes are concerned, you won’t have to worry  too much about missing an episode. “I don’t want the audience to feel like they miss out on something when they tune in,” Smigel said, as binge-watching can be time consuming these days. Standby for a title and an air date as you prepare yourself for Triumph and his goofiness.
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