Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Beauty Saving

We all know that beauty comes with a price, and that price can be mighty high sometimes. Every now and then we all like to budget, and your beauty routine is definitely an area where you can save some money. Follow the tips and tricks below and you may be able to stash a bit more cash in your purse while still looking gorgeous.

Make samples your friend

We all love hitting up Ulta, Sephora and many other beauty based shops, so why not utilize their in-store samples? You’d be amazed how long some of the samples can last you. With a wide array of products, from moisturizer to foundation to hair products, free samples are a great way to try out that hairspray or bronzer you’ve had your eye on and support your beauty habit without spending a buck.

Utilize coupons

Ran out of your favorite nail polish? At the end of the tube of lipstick that makes your pout perfect? If you know you’re needing to buy a particular beauty product, hit up the product’s website to see if they have any coupons. Searching for coupons for items you know you want makes it cheaper to buy the beauty loot you already love.

Use multitasking products

Cutting down on how many products you use can also dramatically cut down on your beauty bill. Try using a foundation with primer already in the formula or a tinted moisturizer. Instead of using a base before an eyeshadow, use liquid or crème eyeshadows that last all day without primer. Look for blush and bronzer duos to knock out cheeks with one pretty product.

Try it at home

Professional beauty services are wonderful but can wrack up a bill quick. If you’re trying to cut down on beauty costs, consider doing some of your beauty routine at home instead of at the spa or salon. Find a friend who loves to paint nails or have a salon party with your friends. Research best gradual tan lotions and skip the spray tan or tanning booth. Finding one or two ways you can bring the beauty home can easily cut your beauty bill way down.

Beauty can be expensive, but with the above tips you can save money but still look like a bombshell. Whether you clip some coupons, try an at home beauty routine or hit up the samples counter, you will feel beautiful and smart with these money saving tips!


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