MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (Image Credit: Sony Pictures)

5 Reasons to see ‘Magic in the Moonlight’

MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (Image Credit: Sony Pictures)

MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (Image Credit: Sony Pictures)

Summer is already drawing to a close! Have you had a chance to see all of the summer blockbusters yet? If you’re in the mood to escape to the beautiful south of France and see a witty romantic comedy unfold, be sure to see Woody Allen’s new movie, Magic In The Moonlight. The film was released on July 25 and stars Colin Firth and Emma Stone. This comedy is the quirky love story that will satisfy your end-of-summer needs. Here are five reasons to see Magic In The Moonlight.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone plays Sophie Baker, a charming young woman claiming to be a medium. Sophie captivates everyone around with her beauty and accurate visions. Stone does a remarkable job of bringing this psychic to life. She lights up on camera and delivers her quips with ease, especially in a scene when she first discovers that Colin Firth’s character is mocking her. It’s fun to watch Stone’s fearful expressions when she looks into the future. If you want to see a kooky character with a sharp wit, be sure to see Stone’s performance in this film.

Colin Firth

Colin Firth plays Stanley Crawford, a famous magician with a knack for unveiling psychics. Stanley finds that it is easy to expose frauds, so he thinks that figuring out Sophie will be no problem. Firth does a great job delivering the clever and comical dialogue. He is quick to give sarcastic remarks and plays a strong straight man for the crazy Sophie. Firth shines in a scene where he begins to pray, despite being a skeptic for the majority of his life. He wavers on the idea of divination and religion throughout the film, and it’s fun to see Sophie try to convince him that there is magic out there after all.

The Setting

The film is set in the south of France during the jazz age, which makes for beautiful scenery and beautiful outfits! Woody Allen is known to have a city or town inspire his writing, and it is clear that the south of France played an important role in the film. When Stanley and Sophie take a drive through the country, the audience is able to see the allure of the town. The film takes place in the 1920s, which means that the costumes are exquisite. Stanley looks dashing in formal wear and all of Sophie’s outfits are beautiful. She has great hats, headpieces and a gorgeous shimmery dress that she wears dancing to the ball.

The Serenader

Throughout the film, a wealthy young man named Brice Catledge is enamored with Sophie. He is not the brightest guy, but he does everything in his power to win Sophie over…including serenading her with a ukulele at all times of day. He sings to her while she swims in the pool and he sings to her while she gazes into the sunset. It’s pretty hilarious to see the guy fawning all over her. Who doesn’t want someone madly in love with you?

The Mystery

The best part of the movie is the element of surprise. Is Sophie clever enough to fool everyone around her? Is it all a con, and if so, will she get caught? The film takes quite a few twists and turns around this idea before delivering the satisfying conclusion. When you see the film, try to figure out the mystery along with Stanley. You may be fooled!


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