Melanie Iglesias (Image Credits: Benny Haddad - Photography | Franzy Staedter -Stylist | Cat White - Hair & Makeup)

An Exclusive Interview with MTV star Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias (Image Credits: Benny Haddad - Photography | Franzy Staedter -Stylist | Cat White - Hair & Makeup)

Melanie Iglesias (Image Credits: Benny Haddad – Photography | Franzy Staedter -Stylist | Cat White – Hair & Makeup)

Raise your hand if you’re guilty for binge watching episodes of Girl Code or Guy Code on MTV and find yourself nodding to things the cast says.

You’re not alone. This is perfectly normal.

Melanie Iglesias is one of the few individuals on the show to speak their minds on certain topics pertaining to men or women. Needless to say, she’s quite good at it.

The Daily Quirk had the opportunity to talk to Iglesias about her time on the hit MTV shows, what her fun hidden hobby is and the artist she currently can’t get enough of. We even discovered how humble she is even with her major success.

The Daily Quirk: You’ve appeared as a correspondent for Guy Code, Girl Code and now Off The Bat. How did that start off?

Melanie Iglesias: We first started with Guy Code. In 2011, I shot the pilot episode and I completely forgot about it afterwards until a few months later. I got a phone call saying that the show got picked up and I was going to be part of the cast. From Guy Code came Girl Code and Guy Court; I was a part of that as well. Now I’m on Off The Bat. So that’s kind of how that started. I think they found me on YouTube talking about men’s pick up lines for a company I used to work for and I think they just liked my attitude and my brutal honesty.

TDQ: How has it been working with everyone Guy Code and Girl Code? Do your opinions sometimes clash or overlap one another?

MI: I think the shows did a good job with the cast [and] taking people with different opinions. There is no one right opinion or one right way to go about something or living your life. Different things apply to different people in different situations. We give advice but apply it as it occurs or things occur to you. It’s been great working with the other castmates. They’re all comics. I’m the only non-comic on the show but like I said before, I think they just love that I’m brutally honest and I think that there’s comedy in the truth.

TDQ: You’ve been on tons of episodes for both Girl Code and Guy Code. What do you think is the best advice you’ve given so far?

MI: The best advice I’ve ever given — and it sounds so cliche and I even hate myself for saying it — is just be true to yourself. Don’t do something because everybody else is doing it. You don’t have to listen to everything the castmates are telling you because they have these opinions about certain things; they’ve been through different things in their life. Like I said, use our advice as it applies to you. Just do your own thing. Make it your own. Be a decent human being. [laughs]

TDQ: You’re now on the brand new MTV show Off The Bat hosting with the big league players. How is that going so far?

MI: If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be working with MLB, I would have been like, “No way!” I love sports but in no way am I a fanatic. I love that I have the opportunity to work with the MLB because I actually do love baseball. I’ve grown up going to so many baseball games because my stepfather played in the minor leagues. He used to play for Kansas City Royals’ Double-A team. I do have a baseball background and I actually do love the sport so it’s been great to work with them. I go to all these baseball games and meet all these interesting players. It’s been amazing.

TDQ: Is there any special teasers or hints you can share with us that we should expect to see?

MI: I’m going to be doing a lot more offstage stuff so I’ll be doing more field segments and more interviews with the players. I think you’ve guys have seen me take Jean Carlos into batting practice in a junkyard or I’ve taken some of the players’ dogs to doggie daycare, watch them get a massage and like a manicure. Fun things like that.

TDQ: Since we’re on the topic of sports, are there any sports team you’re dedicated to?

MI: I just love a good game. I love two amazing opposing teams playing against each other. I love the excitement behind it.

TDQ: You’ve grown such a huge following on all your social media accounts. How does it feel knowing you have a huge fan base?

MI: I don’t feel it! I travel a lot between New York City and LA so people kind of leave you alone. They see celebrities all the time so they’re not too crazy. I travel a lot with Off The Bat so when I go to smaller towns and people know who I am and they’re making such a big deal out of it, it surprises me because I get treated like everybody else in the city that I’m from. I’m very local. I go everywhere on my own. I still do my own laundry. I push the grandma cart to the laundromat and nobody bothers me. So, when I go to a small town in Florida or somewhere in the Midwest and people make a big deal out of it, I can’t believe it. I’m like, “Oh yeah, that’s right.”

TDQ: What else do you have planned for the future that you can tell us about?

MI: I just signed to a new manager company and I am taking a lot of meetings. There are a lot of opportunities there and I can’t wait to go. I only want to host. I don’t want to act. I’ve been given a few opportunities to go up and read for scripts and [I’ve] been requested for things but that’s not what I want to do. I’m really focused on hosting. I’m being mentored by some of the greatest comedians and hosts that I look up to.

TDQ: Did you grow up knowing you wanted to be a host?

MI: No! [laughs] I didn’t. You know, I feel like your job should be something you’re good at because it’s better than to feel like you’re working too hard. I know everybody says that but if you try a lot of different things, you may surprise yourself. You may be good at something you never knew so I think it’s fun to take all these different hobbies and kind of go with the wind. I went with the wind. I wasn’t auditioning to be a host when Guy Code called me about doing the pilot. I saw that I was good at speaking my mind and I’m a naturally inquisitive person and I apply that on Off The Bat when I do my interviews. I didn’t realize you can get paid for something that feels like you’re not working at all. Not everybody can do it — traveling and a busy schedule — but for me it works because I love it. I don’t love staying in the same place. I love not knowing where my flight is going to tomorrow but I know I have to be somewhere. For me, it’s the best job ever. I’m kind of just seeing where it takes me now. People keep telling me I should do it and I keep getting calls for all these different shows and auditions so, why not?

TDQ: You mentioned how you travel and have a busy schedule but how do you like to spend your time when you’re not busy working? Do you have any hobbies?

MI: I love to go to [laughs] — I swear I’m not being paid to say this but — I love going to Michaels craft store. I love buying arts and crafts and making stuff. My room looks like a fourth grader’s — I’m not good at it — art project. It really does. [laughs] I have like mason jars hanging from my walls that I sprayed with glitter spray and then I have crazy little neon lights inside of them. I have a bold, glittery wall. It’s funny. I just love doing that. I just love doing my own thing and making my own little whimsical world. That’s what I really enjoy.

TDQ: That’s funny. Did you ever watch “do-it-yourself” videos?

MI: You know what’s funny? You’d think I would have a Pinterest but I don’t. [laughs] I kind of just get inspired just from living in New York City and looking up. People don’t look up enough. I know that sounds silly but you know, when I look at different buildings or architecture or different lighting, it really inspires me. That’s why I love doing what I do. I want to recreate things and make it my own.

TDQ: If we looked at your iPod what would be the most played songs?

MI: [laughs] It would definitely be hip-hop. Actually, I’m lying. As of lately, it’s been Sam Smith. It’s on repeat for the past three months now when he released only a few songs and then the whole album came out. I downloaded everything! I actually pre-ordered it so I got it the minute it came out. I’ve been listening to that non-stop. But, normally it’s Jay-Z and Biggie. I’m from Brooklyn so…

Melanie Iglesias and Donnell Rawlings in GUY COURT (Image Credit: MTV)

Melanie Iglesias and Donnell Rawlings in GUY COURT (Image Credit: MTV)

TDQ: What’s one thing fans would be surprised to find out about you?

MI: What I always hear when I do meet fans… They’re always surprised to see how “normal” I am. When I’m pushing a laundry cart to the Laundromat and I’m doing everything myself, they’re like, “Oh, why are you doing this?” I’m like, “Because… I enjoy it? I’m human and my clothes are dirty! What do you mean why am I doing this?” [laughs] I gotta live! I really don’t wear a lot of makeup in my downtime at all. I’m never glammed up. I just walk around with a Yankee hat and sandals. [laughs] I just kind of do my own thing. And I always travel to places by myself. I think that’s what surprises people too. I don’t have a big security guard everywhere I go. It depends. If I’m promoting a place that I’m going to be, of course, I’m going to bring somebody. I’m a loner. I grew up in Brooklyn-Manhattan. I love walking everywhere by myself. I just walked the other day from 34th Street to 96th Street; from the Westside to the Eastside and I just do it all the time. It was an hour and a half but it was really good. I had my iPod and I was just enjoying the night. People are always so surprised. They’re like, “What are you doing here?” and I’m like, “What are you doing here? I’m doing the same thing!” [laughs]

TDQ: A lot of people get starstruck so it’s nice to see someone who does things just like everybody else.

MI: I think they’re also surprised at how much I really do value their support. When we shot Guy Court there was a one hundred people in the audience. We shot in the morning and we shot in the afternoon so our lunch break was an hour in-between. The morning audience would get sent outside because they had to go for the new audience to come in. Instead of going on my lunch break, I would go outside and take a photo with every single person that came in there because I know that they came to see me so I missed my lunch break everyday to make sure that everybody is getting a photo. Some people came from out of state and I really appreciated that. I do that for Off The Bat, too. I’ll go outside and I’ll take a picture with as many fans as I can before it gets crazy. I really do care and I really appreciate them. I’m lucky to have them. Without them I wouldn’t be as in demand as I am today. It’s all because of them.

The Daily Quirk would like to thank Melanie Iglesias for taking the time chat! To find out more about Iglesias, you can follow her on Twitter or check out her Facebook fan page (She recently hit 1 million likes!). Also, when you’re taking a break from all the advice from Girl Code, don’t forget to watch Iglesias host MTV’s new show Off The Bat From The MLB Fan Cave.

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