THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (Image Credit: FOX Searchlight)

5 Reasons to check out ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (Image Credit: FOX Searchlight)

THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL (Image Credit: FOX Searchlight)

Standing in the video store and not sure what to rent? Sitting at home and looking for a good new movie to watch? Having a date night and not sure what movie would appeal to both her and him? The solution can be found in one movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel. Here are five reasons you should watch this movie.The stellar cast

Boasting big names such as Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Ralph Fiennes, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, Bob Balaban and many more, each introduction of a familiar face is an enjoyable surprise and each actor and actress fits his or her role perfectly. From Jude Law as the curious young writer and hotel guest, to Willem Dafoe as the hired hit man, all the characters are aptly matched to their portrayers. Seeing the familiar faces and the way they interact and fit together in the overall story is purely enjoyable.

The enthralling story.

Inspired by the memoir of an Austrian writer, the tale has everything any viewer could ever want. Without giving anything away, there is mystery, action, drama, death, romance, comedy – you name it and it is probably in The Grand Budapest Hotel . Part of what makes this movie so appealing to everyone is the quick-moving plot and the lack of any “filler” scenes. The movie is sure to keep your attention to the end and have you wishing it weren’t over yet.

Quotes, quotes, quotes!

The Grand Budapest Hotel has multiple quotable lines you and your movie mates will be repeating to each other for weeks. I watched this movie when it was first released on DVD about a month ago, and my friends have still not stopped yelling the lines at each other. Perhaps the most popular one, said by Ralph Fiennes, is “Get your hands off my lobby boy!” Those of you who’ve seen it are probably smiling to yourself right now; those of you who haven’t now probably want to.

There’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re drawn in by the impressive list of actors and actresses or the variance in story that will have you riveted at the edge of your seat to laughing until you fall off of it to crying silently on the floor, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a rollercoaster of a movie and an enjoyable ride the entire way.

The fandom.

Lastly, if you get no other pleasure from watching this movie (which I highly doubt is possible), at least you can join the ranks of The Grand Budapest Hotel hipsters. Later on when your friends discover this movie, they’ll all be wondering how they couldn’t have heard of it sooner, and you’ll be able to say, “I saw that when it first came out.”

Though it may take a tiny bit of hunting to track down a copy of this movie – there were only two at my local video store – it is definitely worth the time spent searching. The unique story line, the cast of characters and the emotional ride The Grand Budapest Hotel gives to its viewers is refreshing and exciting.

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