Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware for HITMAN: AGENT 47 (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

VIDEO: An Inside Look at the ‘Hitman: Agent 47’ Press Conference with Zachary Quinto & Hannah Ware!

Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware for HITMAN: AGENT 47 (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Zachary Quinto and Hannah Ware for HITMAN: AGENT 47 (Image Credit: 20th Century Fox)

We’ve seen video games adapted into movies plenty of times and vise versa. Hitman: Agent 47 is one to add to the list. The stars of the movie, Zachary Quinto who plays John Smith and Hannah Ware who plays Katia van Dees, sat down during a press conference during San Diego Comic Con to discuss this highly anticipated action flick. Unfortunately, Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) himself was no where to be found due to filming Homeland in South Africa.

Hitman: Agent 47 is based on the top-selling, award-winning videogame franchise that many have grown to love. The story follows Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) whose name originates from the last two digits of a barcode tattooed on the back of his neck.

Although Friend plays the lead role, many might remember the character was to be played by the late Paul Walker. Under the circumstances, Quinto and Ware were unable to answer the technicalities of any changes due to the unexpected death without the writers and producers.

They were, however, able to talk about their characters… To some extent. Ware was very keen on not mentioning a great deal about her character. “I’m not allowed to say too much without going away things that I can’t give away,” said Ware, “There’s more to her than you would think when you first meet her.” Throughout the conference, there were multiple occasions where she strategically kept her character’s identity a secret. She really knows how to keep things under wraps!

Qunito’s character, John Smith, helps Katia find what she needs to find throughout the movie. He went on to mention, “Nothing is what it seems with these people. All of us are serving agendas that are sometimes at odds with what we’re presenting. It’s tough to be more specific than that because the experience becomes jeopardized for the audience.”

This high stakes action film obviously has a multitude of stunts. Ware was involved in doing one that she never thought she would do, “I have seen it in concerts that pop singers do and it involves ropes. Again, I can’t really say what it is without giving away some part of the story.”

In true Comic Con fashion, the two were asked who would they cosplay as if given the chance. While someone from the crowd shouted “Spock” referring to Quinto’s previous role in Star Trek, the interviewer had to give a brief definition to Ware who was completely unaware of the term. Without second guessing herself, Ware answered, “I’d like to be Batman, actually.” She went on to tell a hilarious story about her childhood when she imagined God to look like Batman. Like a true pair, Quinto responded, “If Hannah’s going to be Batman, I better be Robin.”

The final question went to Quinto regarding what are some of the biggest challenges he faces with all these adaptations he’s fortunately part of. It’s obvious Quinto has played many coveted roles in the past but in order to get by the criticism of many fans he said, “I guess I feel like my approach to that kind of thing is to just kind of set myself free from the kind of expectation or comparison.” He wrapped up his explanation saying, “ My job is not to engage in that debate so much as it is to give them something to debate about or discuss or have a reaction to. “

Watch the press conference below and don’t forget to check out Hitman: Agent 47 when it hits theaters on February 27, 2015!

Reporting, Prodcution & Written Content by Ashley Bulayo| Camera by Cara McGee (Freelance) 

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