Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Jana Zills) / 1989 Album Cover (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Flawless Queen, Taylor Swift, has done it again!

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Jana Zills) / 1989 Album Cover (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Jana Zills) / 1989 Album Cover (Image Credit: Big Machine Records)

Flawless Queen, Taylor Swift, has done it again!  Us Swifties have waited so long and the day is finally here.  The day we get new music, a new video, and info on the new album.  As soon as the clock struck 5:00 I clicked the livestream link and prepared myself to get really, really excited.  Right off the bat Taylor got our attention by having a dance party with everyone in the room to her brand new single, Shake It Off.  Within minutes the song shot to number one on iTunes and even faster than that lodged itself in my brain.

Swift then went on to announce her fifth studio albums title and release date.  The latest soon to be #1 album will be called, 1989 for Swift’s birth year.  Also, because of all of the 80’s trends that inspired the album.   The album will be available October 27th and also coming out that day will be a deluxe edition of the album that will feature three bonus songs and unique Polaroid’s.

Fist came the single, then came the album, then came an incredibly adorable music video!  The last big surprise was the music video for Shake It Off.  Many Swifties were not expecting a music video to drop today, we were at least hoping to get a date as to when it would come out, as you can imagine we were pleasantly surprised.  The video featured Swift in various looks; from a ballerina to a hip hop dancer she covered all of her bases.

To be honest, I think this is Swifties biggest and boldest move yet.  She is breaking out of her comfort zone, calling this a “pop record.”  Her music video mocks her not so great dancing and the song calls out all of the rumors constantly being spread about her.  She is constantly reinventing herself and I think that plays a huge part in her ever-growing success.  Most artists churn out as many albums as they can as fast as they can.  Swift takes her time and makes sure it’s the best album she can give her fans before releasing it.  Her music sticks with you and is the type of music you cherish and associate with memories throughout your life, or at least it does with me.  The fact that I can listen to any album she has ever put out and remember how old I was and how my life was going at that moment is incredible, and not something that comes around often.  This album is said to be Swift’s best one yet and I know the 1989 era will be enchanting.

The haters gonna hate, but Swift will be the one laughing when she’s playing sold out shows all around the world.  Although, Shake It Off will hold me over for a while I need new Swift music ASAP.  No word yet on when the next single will be out, but I sure hope it’s soon.


Image of Taylor Swift courtesy of Jana Zills
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