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5 Outrageous Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List!

(Image Credit: Lolostock)

(Image Credit: Lolostock)

While the expression “kick the bucket” has long been in existence, the bucket list is a notion that has only gained popularity in the last decade. We all have exciting dreams for our lives; places we want to see, people we want to meet and adventures we’d like to have. Of course, such dreams and adventures could quickly drain our wallets – but that’s why the bucket list exists. It’s a place for the dreams that may not seem feasible at the moment, but could happen one day. One of the best parts of being human is that we have the ability to dream and there should be no cap on what you dream about. When people tell you something is impractical or impossible, maybe it is. But that doesn’t mean you should drop the notion like a hot coal. Slap it on that bucket list! Bucket list items go from simple to complex, normal to quirky, big to small. Nothing is off limits. We at The Daily Quirk recently reached out to some family and friends to see what outrageous adventures top their lists, and the answers were all over the map! Check out these five additions to make to your own list inspired by the bucket listers in our lives.

1) The Big Cross-Country Road Trip

The United States of America is a ginormous place. Many of us are so eager to visit far away and exotic places (myself included) that we tend to forget how much of our own country there is to see. If you’ve got the hankering to go visit other continents, then by all means you should do so, but don’t overlook the magic and mystery that your own country contains. Start from home or fly to a different starting location and get out there to see the states. Go by train, car, bike, – even hitchhike! The route possibilities are endless, the sites to see abundant and the memories you’ll make will be limitless. This giant cross-country road trip doesn’t need to happen in one breath; you can drag it out as long as you like. Take 25 years if you need to and visit each region one by one.

2) The Spontaneous Trip

There will come a point in time where we all experience an itch that can’t be scratched – the need to just put normal life on pause and do something that will rejuvenate the soul. It’s not that we’re incapable of being spontaneous, it’s just that we fear jumping so abruptly out of our comfort zone. One friends writes, “I really want to pack a suitcase, go to the airport, and get a ticket for their next available flight, wherever it may be to, then spend some time wherever I end up.” It may not be the most practical plan, but we all have weekends and vacation days. It’s a doable notion. If you don’t have the time or money, there are plenty of accessible spontaneous adventures to be had. Take a day trip to a special place you haven’t seen in a long time, like your childhood home, or go visit a nearby city you’ve never been to. And plus, you get to avoid the sheer frustration that comes from having to wait for something you’re looking forward to. Moments of spontaneity can lead to some of the best things life has to offer. Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith.

3) The Extreme Sports Adventure

While asking around about what outrageous adventures made it onto people’s bucket lists, there were quite a few thrill seekers that chimed in. A lot of people’s bucket list items include moments that will require sheer bravery and slipping beneath the caution tape of life. Go hike the Appalachian Trail or the Himalayas. Try ski base jumping and paragliding. For those seeking the same thrill, but of a tamer nature, go swim with dolphins or hike a well-known trail in a national park. Ski as many days consecutively as you can. Try skydiving – you can get great deals with Groupon! For those not of an athletic nature, challenge yourself to learn and master an oddball sport (bocce, badminton, hula hooping, beer pong…) We might not all be Olympic athletes, but we’re all capable of doing something that pushes us to our limits and leaves us feeling proud.

4) Discovering Your Heritage

Very few of us can claim that our roots really originate in the USA, so why not go discover the places your ancestors traveled from? For some of us, that’s an easy trip to one or two places. For others, it could be a reason to roam the globe. You can read up on those places as much as you want, but until you actually step foot on their soil, you won’t fully appreciate the cultures that make you. For a budget-friendlier option, put together a family tree and really research those roots.

5) A Trip of Passion

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. We have places we’re obsessed with, people we love or movies we know better than the back of our hand. Pack up your bags and move to Byron Bay for a summer purely for the surfing. Venture off to Nepal, or if you want to see the entire world, find a way to circumnavigate it that excludes using a plane. If you have a friend living in a far away country, make the trip out to see them! Walk the Lord of the Rings trail in New Zealand, visit Saltzberg for your own Sound of Music moment, or go see the Harry Potter film studios. If you love cooking, make a point to go take a course, be it an all out trip to France or at your local YMCA.  Find your favorite author’s oasis and be inspired. You may be thinking these ideas are crazy, but if there’s something you love enough, wouldn’t you do what you could to make a trip dedicated to it happen?

Bucket lists are about as personal as something can get. We fill them with our innermost dreams and desires and are given this one life to see that some of them come to fruition. After talking with my friends, it’s my wish that they get to check off these outrageous adventures and we at The Daily Quirk hope that you, our readers, do the same. Don’t be afraid to dream big and keep adding to that bucket list!

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