SCREAM (Image Credit: Dimension Films)

Are you ready to ‘Scream’ with MTV?

SCREAM (Image Credit: Dimension Films)

SCREAM (Image Credit: Dimension Films)

Two of the many things I love are joining forces for the small screen. I’m talking about the Scream franchise and MTV. Is it just me or has MTV recently increased its television show cred? I’m talking about Awkward., Teen Wolf and Faking It. Now, to add onto their programming, is Scream the TV series.

Yes. This is the same Ghostface I’m referring to from the slasher films we’ve grown to love. In 1996 this iconic mask, thanks to director Wes Craven, made a place for itself in pop culture and in my nightmares (Hey, I was only four when it came out!). MTV broke our hearts when they first announced that a pilot was ordered back in May 2013 and we saw nothing to show for it. Now, plans are beginning to solidify; the show has a complete cast and Jamie Travis has signed on to direct the pilot. We can really say dreams (for some) do come true.

However, I’m not sure how this will translate to the small screen. If you’re like me and watched every Scream movie that’s ever been released, by the time of the movie is over, we figure out who the killer is. According to multiple sources, the show will start off with a viral YouTube video that will stimulate a murder. Supposedly, the focus will be on a supernatural aspect rather than on Ghostface himself (or herself). I’m interested to see how this will turn out.

There’s little being revealed about the show except the fact we do know who will be in the cast and what their character is like (thanks to Entertainment Weekly):

Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval: The beautiful, popular girl who is actually really shy and very intellectual. She ends up leaving her childhood best friend, Audrey, for the cool crowd.

Bex Taylor-Kalus as Audrey Jensen: Emma’s former best friend and daughter of a Lutheran pastor. She aspires to be a filmmaker.

John Karna as Noah Foster: Best friend of Audrey and a computer genius.

Carlson Young as Brooke Maddox: The jock most will probably swoon over and who is in charge of the popular crowd.

Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox: We all need that one mysterious kid who comes to town in the show and this is him.

Boddy Campo as Seth Branson: The hot English teacher. (I guess this means another Ezra Fitz!)

Connor Weil as Will Belmont: High school basketball player who is in awe of his girlfriend, Emma.

Joel Gretsch as Sheriff Clark Hudson: The good sheriff in town and father to Kieran.

Things are still tightly under wraps for now but I can’t wait until we see leaked photos or any promotional teasers from MTV. The show will likely be released in 2015. Until then, I guess the actual Scream movies will suffice. It’s held me over for this long, what’s a couple more months?

What do you think about the series? Do you think it’s a great idea or something they should just finally end?

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