Gwendoline Christie (Image Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images for Johnnie Walker Gold Label)

The Power of a Tall Woman: Eliminate the ‘Tall Woman Stigma’ and Own up to Being Your Sexy Self

Gwendoline Christie (Image Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images for Johnnie Walker Gold Label)

Gwendoline Christie (Image Credit: Venturelli/Getty Images for Johnnie Walker Gold Label)

For some women, being tall can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. In the female universe, there seems to be a stigma about tall women or actually being a tall woman and how unsettling it sometimes can be. Some of the many rumors that inflate the stigma include:  men are intimidated by taller women, being a tall woman is a sign of brawniness or overbearingness, and the classic “I can’t wear heels. I’m too tall!”

We at The Daily Quirk, however, disregard this stigma, because we feel that there is no shame in being a tall woman. We’re here to prove it to you now. It is time to set aside those stereotypes and own up to being a beautiful, tall babe, because there are many reasons to be proud of being taller than 5’ 3”the average height of a woman in the U.S. according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Take note ladies: taller women are above average. It’s even in the title, so give yourself a little credit if you fall into that category. But there are other benefits to being taller than average as well!

First, when worrying about men, just remember to own your legs. Men love legs. One perk of being a tall woman is that you usually come equipped with an exceptional pair. With long legs, you can wear fun clothes that show off your tall figure, whether it’s a maxi dress, mini dress or skater skirt – whatever you fancy. When you’re lucky enough to have a pair of long legs, your closet is open to endless fashion possibilities. Just watch that wallet!

Second, fixating on tallness as a masculine trait is where a lot of men and women get into trouble, especially when attempting to court one another. Esquire Magazine has given tips about manning up for men who like to date tall women, and balancing out their feelings of feminine insecurity with honest, truth-be-told compliments.

Clare Grant and Seth Green (Image Credit: Clare Grant)

Clare Grant and Seth Green (Image Credit: Clare Grant)

For men, Esquire suggests “neutralizing her insecurity by conveying that bigger is sexy. That you love her in heels. That you don’t feel like less of a man when you’re with her…Some of it boils down to a more classic masculinity- going in for the kiss first.”

If he still doesn’t feel ‘right’ about dating a tall woman after feeling those feels, odds are he isn’t worth it. If he’s insecure about your height and you don’t feel secure in the relationship as a result, don’t stress. A relationship that causes you stress immediately, just because you’re a tall girl, is reason to move the relationship from the honeymoon first date to the ‘shouldn’t have/couldn’t have/wouldn’t have’ dumpster. Your height is beautiful and, especially if it’s a first date, just remember – you haven’t put down a security deposit yet. Leaving is fair game if the gentleman’s actually a jerk!

While it may be a game-changer for some relationships, these male celebs prove that dating a tall woman is a powerful confidence statement for a couple.

One classic example of a celebrity couple with a major height difference is Seth Green and his wife, Claire Grant, who range 3 inches in height, he at 5’4” and she at 5’7”. The former Tom-Kat had a fair height separation too, with Katie Holmes at 5’9” and Tom Cruise at 5’7”. Nicole Kidman, another ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise, is only one inch taller than her current hubby, Keith Urban, who stands at 5’10”. Yet Kidman frequently appears to be even taller since the statuesque Oscar winner isn’t afraid to wear heels on the red carpet. While these height differences may seem pretty significant, no one trumps Erica Schmidt and her Game of Thrones hubby, Peter Dinklage, who are 13” apart at 5’6” and 4’5” respectively.

Undoubtedly, these couples are the perfect confidence booster to keep in mind as you walk away from this post.

Finally, when considering wearing heels, ladies, remember that Nike said it best when they told us to “Just do it.” Not only will heels make your calves look great, but they’ll show that you’re comfortable embracing your height. Being confident is definitely sexy, and when you’re rocking those heels, odds are you’ll stand out in a crowd. You may even be able to see past people in a crowd, which may sound like a joke, but actually comes in handy when you’re scouting the mall floor for the best deals at your favorite shops. In this way, your height may act as a trend-finder and money-saver.

Eliminate the negative stigma associated with being tall and own your height, ladies, because being tall is a beautiful thing through and through.

In article image courtesy of Clare Grant

2 thoughts on “The Power of a Tall Woman: Eliminate the ‘Tall Woman Stigma’ and Own up to Being Your Sexy Self

  1. nedida says:

    I love this post. Thank you so much. I must say that being taller than other girls make one feel that she’s of enormous size, especially when many men are significantly shorter. I re-acquainted myself with heels recently and will not give up on them 😉

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