Analeigh Tipton in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

What’s the big deal about… Analeigh Tipton?

Analeigh Tipton in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

Analeigh Tipton in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (Image Credit: Warner Bros.)

You might know the name Analeigh Tipton from Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model. Though Tipton didn’t come out on top of Tyra’s hit show, her acting career seems to be doing just the opposite. Don’t get us wrong though, she rocked on America’s Next Top Model! At the time, Tyra called her Covergirl video one of the best ones the series had in its history. It seems Tyra’s compliment has come full circle for Tipton, as her acting career has begun to take on new levels.

Since graduating from Top Model in 2008, Tipton has earned herself roles in 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love and 2013’s Warm Bodies. Since bidding adieu to the judges’ table, she has also appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Vogue and Maxim and has modeled for Forever 21 and Guess.

Her appearance in this year’s Two Night Stand, alongside Spectacular Now’s Miles Teller had critics saying the best about Tipton and Miles’ performances, but not as much about the film’s plot. Indiewire says that, “‘Two Night Stand’ takes a couple of actors we really like and puts them into something…not so compelling.”

Now, Tipton is set to star in ABC’s newest comedy, Manhattan Love Story, about a recently-arrived New York girl who meets Jake McDorman, as Peter, and their relationship begins. According to the Internet Movie Database, so far, the series has filmed 13 episodes.

Tipton plays Dana, who, in the trailer for the ABC series, is an awkward, beautiful, young woman on a quest to love designer purses. Meanwhile, McDorman is all about the ladies: who he’s been jiggy with, who he wants to be jiggy with and who, with that smug smile of his, knows he will inevitably be jiggy with. The phrase “opposites attract” comes to mind as we watch the trailer! Also, the characters inner dialogues have us laughing. Too adorkable!

The chemistry between McDorman and Tipton as Peter and Dana in the ABC trailer is delightful and we can’t wait to see how their romance unfolds. You can watch the series trailer on Youtube.

In real life, Tipton’s love life is not as date-centric. Last December, her longtime boyfriend, Aaron McManus popped the question. It’s uncertain as to whether or not they’ve gotten the chance to walk down the aisle yet, but we give two quirky thumbs up to their adorable wedding announcement they posted last December on Instagram.

Tipton captioned the photo of her and her longtime love saying, “I met this man six years ago, and today, he has asked me to spend the rest of our lives together–facing all of life’s surprises as one. Of course, I said yes :)”

Tipton has her own Manhattan Love Story happening, a man to call her own and an acting career that’s worth watching. We can’t wait to see how this talented actress keeps up her quirky character on the ABC comedy.

We still aren’t sure if we’ll end up rooting for her to be with McDorman’s Peter or that gorgeous, bold yellow clutch in the trailer though. They say that all’s fair in love and war; perhaps Tipton’s Dana will engage in a bit of fashion-to-man polygamy just yet!


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