(Image Credit: Subbotina Anna)

Ways to add a touch of bright color to your hair!

(Image Credit: Subbotina Anna)

(Image Credit: Subbotina Anna)

Bright and colorful hair is no longer only for the rebels, punks and outcasts. Any color you can imagine is available and it’s much more accepted now compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Whether you’re after a Katy Perry bright blue or an Avril Lavigne neon pink, adding bright color to your hair can give it a pop and an edge. But where exactly should you dye it? We break down some cute color trends below so you can decide which style to try.

Just the Bangs

Whether you already have bangs or want to take the bang plunge, dying just your bangs can look super chic. Bright, bold bangs can create a huge hair statement while keeping the rest of your look natural. Take you to the next level by dying all of your bangs one neon color, stripe them for a more subtle look or go completely bold by mixing colors in stripes or sections.


Adding in pops of blue, pink or yellow in place of highlights can be fun and eye catching. This is a bold way to wear pops of color, allowing your color to be seen no matter what style or cut you rock. Whether chunky or thin, bright highlights look great whether hair is straight, curly or anything in between.

Bottom Half

A throwback to the blonde/black look popular in the mid 2000’s, adding a bright color on just the bottom half of your hair is the updated way to rock dual color. This combination is great if you’re constantly rocking a bun or ponytail. A layered haircut looks amazing with this style!


If you’re nervous about taking the color plunge or want something with minimum upkeep, dying just the tips is a great way to go. If you absolutely hate it, it’s easy to recolor or just chop off. Tips are easy to make into an ombre style if you like some variety over time.

Strips Underneath

This style looks flirty, with small sections of color peeking out as your hair moves. Dying sections of the underneath is perfect for those who love to curl or braid their hair.  Best for those who have fine or thin hair, this is the less extreme way to add color into your look.

Whether you want to make a statement or add in just a touch of color, there is sure to be a style above you can rock. From steaks to tips and solid color, adding in a bold color to your hair can be cute, fun and bring your look to a whole new level.

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