Seatbelts, everyone! The Magic School is being rebooted on Netflix!



Seatbelts, everyone! In 2016, Netflix will roll out a Magic School Bus reboot. The new show will be called The Magic School Bus 360°. The original program ran from 1994 to 1997 and featured everyone’s favorite eccentric, positive science teacher, Ms. Frizzle. I’m fairly sure every ’90s kid can still appreciate her sage advice (“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”) and wacky adventures (inside the human body, in outer space, in Herp Haven to rescue Liz). But what will the new show bring to the table?

The Magic School Bus 360° will be broken down into 26 half-hour episodes. To bring the classic show into the new century, the animation will be all CGI. Ms. Frizzle will still be in charge, but there is no news on if Lily Tomlin will still be the voice actor attached to her. I really hope she does, because it won’t be the same hearing anyone else say, “Bus, do your stuff!” As for the class, it seems the same cast of characters will be around. However, the only picture released with the news of the reboot has a kid on the left of the picture who appears to be blond and wearing a red hat. Ralphie was the red hat-wearer in the original series. He had brown hair though. Maybe I’m just being picky?

The bus will be sporting some new features, making it fancy and modern (though it was pretty ahead of its time in the first place, if you think about it.) According to ABC News, the science lessons are going to be innovative as ever. They reported that there will be “episodes that introduce children to such novelties as a ‘smart suit worn by the character Carlos that determines his body’s vital signs instantly.’” TV Guide hinted that there will be robots. So from what I can gather, there will be great new lessons for people of all ages.

Personally, I’m hoping that Little Richard will record the new theme song. His voice in the original theme song is perfect! I guess what I’m saying is that I hope this reboot is the perfect mix of the original and enough new stuff to keep the magic going.

It isn’t surprising that a reboot is coming, because The New York Times reported that the original is Netflix’s top educational show. Is it just me, or can you already feel this is going to be awesome? All four seasons of the original Magic School Bus are available on Netflix presently. Go ahead, start down the road of nostalgia to prepare for the new adventures!

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