DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC America)

10 Gifs or Less: Getting to Know ‘Doctor Who’

DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC America)

DOCTOR WHO (Image Credit: BBC America)

With the arrival of a new series and a new leading man in Doctor Who comes a fresh batch of Whovians who are simultaneously scratching their heads and grinning ear-to-ear at the madness upon which they have stumbled. First of all – welcome! Second, don’t let the fandom scare you too much (it scares me sometimes, I’ll be honest).  Jumping into a nearly 51-year-old show can feel intimidating, especially when the actors, writers, storylines and even the genres of the episodes change regularly. But never fear – a fellow Whovian is here. You’ll notice that while this show is in a constant state of transition, at its core it really is just the same software with different casing.

The main character is – well, I’ll let him tell you himself…


He’s a 2000-year-old alien who can change faces and has two hearts. He likes helping people, but don’t let him convince you that he’s an intergalactic superhero or anything. He mostly just lands in a place where strange things just so happen to be occurring (often modern-day London, close to where the show films – imagine that!) and proceeds to meddle and make things up as he goes.


He travels in the TARDIS (which stands for “Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a time machine that looks like a retro police telephone box. It’s bigger on the inside, and it’s super cool.


But enough about him. The Doctor often travels with human companions who are just as brilliant (if not more brilliant) than the Doctor himself. Companions offer him new perspectives and keep him in line. His current companion is the wonderful Clara Oswald. She’s a cutie pie and I want her wardrobe.


Each week, the Doctor faces off with dangerous foe. His most popular enemies are probably the Daleks, who are basically deadly espresso machines.


This show wreaks havoc on one’s emotions – after all, he will tragically outlive all of his beloved human friends. And just when viewers grow to love the current Doctor as much as the last, he regenerates. There’s a lot of heartbreak in Who.


It can also get pretty dark – like I said, the Doctor isn’t a superhero, and he makes a lot of mistakes and hurts a lot of people in his travels. Sometimes he lets his dark side get the better of him, but it’s fascinating to watch.


But most importantly, this show is filled with happiness, love, and the beauty of the universe.





Doctor Who takes viewers on treks across the stars without ever leaving the couch. What more could you ask for in a show? You need to become particularly adaptable to enjoy this show, but it’s well worth it. So, new Whovians – are you ready to hop in the TARDIS?

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