OUTLANDER (Image Credit: Starz)

‘Outlander’ Mid-Season Finale Delivers on the Excitement and Cliffhangers!

OUTLANDER (Image Credit: Starz)

OUTLANDER (Image Credit: Starz)

Now that the mid-season finale of Outlander finally premiered, can we talk about how verra amazing it was?

It seems like just a few weeks ago, we were giving you a few reasons on why you should watch the show. I honestly hope that got you hooked but if you aren’t familiar with James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser or Claire Randall (AKA Claire Beauchamp AKA Claire Fraser) by now, you have time to catch up with all eight episodes!

Unlike many other loyal fans, I started to watch the show with no prior knowledge of the novel series (However, just a few days ago, I purchased the first of the series!). Watching with fresh eyes and completely unaware of the storyline from the novels, I was left on edge with so many unanswered questions from the finale!

First off, I think the big question we have to address is: What in the world is going to happen between Black Jack and Jamie?! Oh, Claire. Don’t you know by now that Jamie will go to the ends of the earth for you? He was even willing to risk the huge ransom he has over his head. We’re stepping into dangerous territory here. I guess I should also ask, how the heck did Jamie climb into Black Jack’s window?

Secondly, will Claire and Frank ever reunite? I thought something was going to happen when they were both conveniently at Craigh na Dun at the same exact time.

Third, what was up with the flashback in the preview on the episode? We clearly figured out that it was Jamie looking up towards Claire’s bedroom from the first episode but they failed to comment on that in the finale although it was in the preview.

Fourth, will Claire be the one to change history and stop the Jacobite Rebellion? Dougal MacKenzie and his lads have already gone to great lengths but knowing the outcome already (since she’s from the future and all), will Claire be able to stop it?

Lastly, since I obviously have not read the series, who will Claire choose?! She’s in completely two different time periods and fell in love with different men just like Mrs. Graham predicted. Over time, Claire seems to have enjoyed herself after the arranged marriage. Turns out, it wasn’t as bad as she thought but of course, she’s still torn between two lovers whenever she is reminded by her wedding bands. Personally, I’m Team Jamie. Frank seemed to have already given up!

It seems like forever until April 4. How will I go on without my Jamie filled Saturdays and the obscene jokes from his lads? How will I sleep right knowing that Dougal is envious of Jamie for Claire’s loyalty? What do I do knowing that the Red Coats may possibly have an advantage over The Scots? I guess I can read the book until then but don’t worry. I’m already marking down the days on my calendar.

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