(Image Credit: New York Comic Con/ReedPop)

5 Things to Look Forward to at New York Comic Con!

(Image Credit: New York Comic Con/ReedPop)

(Image Credit: New York Comic Con/ReedPop)

The air is crisp, the days grow shorter and the leaves are changing color. You know what that means? It’s fall, obviously. But do you know what that means? The time for Comic-con to land in the Big Apple is upon us once again. As always, there will dozens of events, screenings and panels to check out. Here is just a sampling of some of the things to look forward to about New York Comic Con 2014.

Fourth Annual NYCC Charity Art Auction, Saturday

Over 100 creators will be donating their original art for an auction in support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Seeing beautiful art is arguably one of the coolest aspects of New York Comic Con, and what better way to nab some great pieces than to give to a good cause at the same time? It’s for charity. You’re obligated to at least take a peek, right?

Chills and Goosebumps with R.L. Stine, Thursday

You just got a total blast of nostalgia reading that title, right? This is man who wrote our childhood nightmares, in the flesh, visiting NYCC to talk as much Goosebumps (ahem, and the summer 2015 movie based on the series) as the audience’s little hearts desire. How cool is that?

#YesAllGeeks: Let’s Talk About Harassment in Fandom, Saturday

Being a fan of something is all fun and games, until you discover the dark side of your fandom. But fear no more – NYCC is presenting the overall geekdom with the chance to talk through our issues and start anew. I think we could all use a refresher course in kindness every now and again.

Marvel 75th Anniversary Day, Friday

This is a day dedicated to worshipping everyone’s beloved comic book studio, Marvel, and will feature multiple creators of the expansive Marvel universe. If you choose not to pay tribute to the glorious Marvel on it’s 75th anniversary, you will probably be escorted from the premises immediately or start some sort of riot. It’s best you just go along with it.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Panel, Saturday

This shouldn’t need an explanation, but in case you’re looking for one: Zombies. A ton of great actors from a show about zombies. A sneak peek of the new season that will no doubt have tons of zombies. If you’re not convinced that zombies are the best, than perhaps this isn’t the panel for you. If you are convinced that zombies are awesome, well – make sure you line up early, because a lot of other folks think so, too.

Get ready for some crazy cosplays, New York. A comic con brimming with awesomeness is just around the corner, and so are the geeks.

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