(Image Credit: Dean Hochman)

Would you… try AmazonFresh?


(Image Credit: Dean Hochman)

(Image Credit: Dean Hochman)

What is AmazonFresh, you ask? AmazonFresh is a subsidiary of Amazon, and it’s revitalized the way you do your grocery shopping. Launched in 2007 as a beta (it was initially only available to residents of Seattle), the delivery service expanded in 2013 to areas of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The service offers grocery items, household beauty products, and merchandise from nearby bakeries & restaurants. Paired with everything else has you standard Amazon has to offer, including home improvement and kitchen ware products, there’s no reason to head to your crowded supermarket (unless you want to people watch – which can be pretty entertaining, so don’t feel guilty). If you’re wondering whether to take advantage of the service (if it’s available in your area, that is), the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Here’s why:

  • It’s economical – What carbon footprint?! You don’t need to worry about getting into your car to stock up on your everyday household items and products! It’s cleaner and environmentally-responsible.
  • It’s affordable – Check out some of your options! Compare prices to that of your local grocer, and then you may even want to factor in how much you spend on gas when you do your little weekly shopping trip.
  • It’s hip – Yeah, yeah, I said it. Look, it’s the new wave of grocery shopping, and you can feel progressive and stuff.
  • It you (customizable) and convenient (it’s Amazon) – Sign in with your Amazon account! Chances are, if you have an account, you do shop online fairly regularly for other Amazon products, so why not add groceries to that list?!

Other perks of AmazonFresh include FREE same-day and early morning delivery on orders over $35 (like you wouldn’t normally spend that much at the store anyway) and a selection of over 500,000 everyday essential items, from produce onward! Also, take it from someone who has used it. If AmazonFresh is available to you, please give it a shot!

Image Courtesy of Dean Hochman
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