(Image Credit: Jane September)

How to Deal with ‘Resting Bitch Face’

(Image Credit: Jane September)

(Image Credit: Jane September)

Yes, it’s a real thing. I didn’t really know about its public formality until fairly recently when a friend (with a bitchy resting face) commented on it and showed me the video below. You can imagine I was surprised and pretty relieved to know that this misinterpreted facial characteristic had an official title, that my friend wasn’t alone. Women everywhere were going through the same thing – living with bitchy resting face (the male equivalent being the “a**hole face”). It all made sense, and the “PSA” above really put things in perspective. So, below are a couple of points I’ve considered when wrapping my head around this (really common) diagnosis.

  •  It’s not necessarily a bad thing – it could be an inadvertent defense mechanism, but for the most part women with bitchy resting face just can’t help it, unlike “chronic bitchy face” (when someone is an actual bitch with a bitchy resting face)!
  • Bad date? – Not that I’ve encountered the bitchy resting face on one, but to those who have, don’t fear! Try to lighten the mood with wit, or direct the conversation to something really cute, like your childhood puppy?
  • First impressions – Wait until you’ve actually conversed with the person before you go and judge a book by its cover, just like your momma always told you. It also might help to think of it as the “Kim K. face” – someone is just looking as if they were watching an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians (see Charlize Theron in Young Adult), and their docile expressions are indeed bitchy. Speaking of celebs, actresses like Annie Paquin have publicly commented on their bitchy resting faces!
  • Intimidating – Yes it is. And this can work to their favor, which it why you have ease into interactions, gauging the tone and feel of the conversation.
  • Powerful – the bitchy resting face can be practical and advantageous if used in the right social environment; especially around that annoying guy who tries really hard to be likeable and grab everyone’s attention, getting a reaction out of them – he can’t compete with the bitchy resting face.

So, I don’t mean for this to sound like a Discovery Channel special, but if you don’t know about the face already, now you do. And you can take this information and apply it to your encounters, giving you the insight and confidence you need to deal with bitchy resting face.

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