(Image Credit: Mitya Ku)

How to Get a Full Brow Look

(Image Credit: Mitya Ku)

(Image Credit: Mitya Ku)

Have no fear, the days of pencil-thin eyebrows are in the past! With gorgeous women like Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson rocking a full brow look, it makes it easier to put down the tweezers and let them grow to their full potential. However, if you weren’t one of the lucky ones born with perfectly thick brows, there are plenty of solutions out there. These tips will get you (or at least your brows) looking like high-end model material in no time.Grow, grow, grow

The most important tip for achieving the fuller look is to let your natural brow shape come in. I know it can be difficult going through the uneven, scraggly look for a while, but it’s a necessary step. It might take a while, but suffering through the awkward regrowth stage is worth it in the end. Once you have them back to their natural shape, use a light hand when grooming. Try to only get rid of the hair that is obviously below or between the brows, without touching anything that contributes to the shape.

Define the brow

Although some people might be fortunate enough to have dark, full brows, most of us need a little help with the perfect shape. There are a lot of products on the market right now for just this purpose, like shadows, pencils, gels, mousses and waxes. However, I prefer to keep it somewhat simple and just use a little bit of pencil and shadow. The first step is to line your brows with a pencil to define the shape that you want. Lightly outline them with something like the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and then brush through with a spoolie to blend the product for a more natural appearance.

Fill in

After the pencil is in place, use a powder to fill in the rest. For this, you’ll need two separate shades; choose one that is an exact match to your brow color and one that is a shade or two lighter. You can use a product like the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo, which provides two shades in your preferred color combo, or find any eye shadows to create the same effect. Take the darker color on an angled brush and run it through the arch and tail to make this section more prominent. On the front section of your brow, take the lighter powder on the same brush and lightly fill in. This way, you can avoid having your entire eyebrow look unnaturally harsh.

Set in place

Finally, you want to make sure that your perfected eyebrows don’t budge. There are tons of clear mascaras and brow gels available that you can use that basically act like hairspray for your brows. Also recently popularized in the beauty world are tinted brow gels. These serve the same purpose, while also adding an extra hint of color. My personal favorite option is the Benefit Gimme Brow. This product adds color and holds the hairs in place, while also adding fibers to create more thickness. If you don’t feel like fussing around too much, you can even use one of these gels by itself and skip the pencil and powder for a subtler look.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your full brows! Just be careful to use a light hand when you first start out. It’s always easier to add more than to take away. Step away from the wax and let your arches recover from years of torture to achieve one of the most on-trend looks of the season.

Image courtesy of Mitya Ku
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