The cast of BOB'S BURGERS (Image Credit: Eric Reichbaum/FOX)

VIDEO: The ‘Bob’s Burgers’ cast talks Guest Stars, Feminism and all things Belcher at NYCC!

The cast of BOB'S BURGERS (Image Credit: Eric Reichbaum/FOX)

The cast of BOB’S BURGERS (Image Credit: Eric Reichbaum/FOX)

In the middle of the insanity that is New York Comic-Con, Bob’s Burgers cast John Roberts, Bobby Tisdale Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal and creator Loren Bouchard sat down with The Daily Quirk for a roundtable discussion of the animated Fox hit. Here are just a few highlights of the full roundtable you can watch below:

  • The cast discusses how the family/workplace comedy balances a typical sitcom concept with quirky characters and the realism of Bouchard calls, “a weird violation of labor laws that happens every day and is sort of OK.”
  • Bouchard said he’d consider all of the characters on the show to be feminists. Roberts credits this to the writing. “They’re the best females writers on the staff, and that resonates a lot. They’re really smart women,” he said.
  • A very serious talk takes place regarding all the hot guys the actors have pitched to guest star.
  • Schaal reveals which actor they initially wanted to voice Bob’s dad (and how they left him a voicemail that went unreturned).

Want to know all the details of the interview? Check out the video below!

Reporting by Tara Robinson | Camera by Sean Torenli | Production by Hannah Foreman | Written Content by Casey Gale

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