Christian Kane for THE LIBRARIANS (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

VIDEO: Christian Kane shares all the details on his new show ‘The Librarians’!

Christian Kane for THE LIBRARIANS (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

Christian Kane for THE LIBRARIANS (Image Credit: Sean Torenli / The Daily Quirk)

Fans of the made-for-TV movie series The Librarian, rejoice! A television series is coming to your screen co-starring Noah Wyle and featuring an amazing cast including Christian Kane. In the new show, The Librarians, Kane plays Jack Stone, who is not necessarily a librarian but is next in line to become one. The former Leverage star sat down with The Daily Quirk and gave us the scoop about this upcoming show during a roundtable at New York Comic-Con. Wondering what he talked about? Here are a few highlights you might want to listen in on in the video below:

  • Kane is known to bring in his own personal skills into his characters. This stays true with Jack Stone. We even get to hear him sing! Maybe not this season, but it’s coming!
  • He has lots of love for the city of Portland. With shows such as Grimm and Portlandia, why wouldn’t you?
  • He mentions some guest stars who will appear on The Librarians and how he recorded a song for someone. Pretty cool, right?
  • Fans of King & Maxwell can be happy to know that the former TV siblings, Kane and Rebecca Romijn, are back together. They’re just not siblings. But, he will be playing Romijn’s sidekick!

There’s all of this and more during the discussion in the video below. Make sure to tune into The Librarians series premiere December 7 on TNT (Fun fact: It’ll be airing on the exact date of the movie’s ten year anniversary)!

Reporting by Tara Robinson | Camera by Sean Torenli | Production & Written Content by Ashley Bulayo

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22 thoughts on “VIDEO: Christian Kane shares all the details on his new show ‘The Librarians’!

  1. mentdijinn says:

    Awesome interview.. thanks.. i think he misunderstood the “Kaneism” question LOL but that is ok.. ♥ Can’t wait to see this show .. Love
    Christian Kane in #Leverage I am sure i will love him in #TheLibrarians as well..

  2. Jeannean Sword says:

    Wow and WOW!! What an amazing interview with Christian Kane at NYCC. I absolutely loved every second. Lots of great questions. I am so excited about Christian Kane’s new show on TNT, “The Librarians.” I am thrilled that you asked him if he was going to sing on the show as Kaniacs everywhere have been dying to know the answer. Also, I cannot wait to see his new cooking show. The man does everything and does it well! We need to clone him! 🙂

  3. Gina Miller says:

    Love this interview with Christian Kane! His excitement for The Librarians makes me even more excited to see it. I loved him as Eliot Spencer on Leverage and look forward to watching him in a different type of role.

  4. sstevens1218 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this fun-loving video with the kaniacs! Great interview! Isn’t he just the best!

  5. jacquieshomebiz says:

    Loved the interview. Thank you for posting. Crazy about Christian Kane. The cast, guests & regulars on the show are great. I can hardly wait for December 7th. 😀

  6. Ann Ryce says:

    I am looking forward to #TheLibrarians, it looks like it’s going to be great! #ChristianKane starring in it will make it a sure hit! Hurry up Dec 7th!

  7. SGTCAT says:

    Great interview and great questions. I really enjoyed getting a sneak peek at Jake Stone. Always love anything Christian Kane is in and hearing him share his views on his characters. Thanks!

  8. Cindy Robbins says:

    Love #ChristianKane, he is an awesome actor! Can’t wait to see him in the new series #TheLibrarians, thanks for sharing this wonderful interview.

  9. Sandy Marowitz says:

    This is my favorite interview with Christian Kane. I am on a count-down to December 7th when I will have 2 hours of joy with the Librarians!

  10. leenzmatt says:

    Awesome! I really want to watch The Librarians because it has all package in it! And yes…suspense, magic and adventures! All the ingredients to make awesome new series and i love to know that Christian Kane is back!

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