(Image Credit: Taylor Hannan)

My Life According to Instagram

(Image Credit: Taylor Hannan)

(Image Credit: Taylor Hannan)8

Instagram: A magical place where filters can be thrown on a not-so-stellar sunrise to transform it into something magazine-worthy, unsightly skin imperfections can be blurred to nonexistence and posting photos of your own face regularly is expected, not considered narcissistic. Sure, it’s a reflection of our daily lives in a sense, but maybe just a bit “improved.”

According to Instagram, I am a health freak. As you can see from my strategically placed yoga mat next to my brand new, neon running sneakers, I must really love to work out. Plus, from the endless array of salad variations that I’ve created and then subsequently taken a photo of, edited, and posted to my feed, I obviously always maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Well, except for the cheat meals, because who likes a girl who can’t indulge, right? I continue to show of my #chef skills with some homemade pizza and shots of Insta-worthy restaurant spreads at only the most exclusive spots.

I probably have more fun than you do. My posts of drinks ranging from wine to martinis to mojitos shows my wide selection of drink choices from night to night, and I clearly only surround myself with the coolest, most fashionable ladies when I make my weekend appearances. We are constantly laughing, socializing, and rocking flawless makeup, as you can see from our #selfie collection. My boyfriend also sometimes makes an appearance on the ‘gram, because we make a perfect couple that never argues, and you can probably assume that we’re much happier than you and your significant other.

I really just love nature, too. Even though there might be six filters, light adjustments and edge blur in place, you’ll never know that my collection of sunset photos were only slightly above average at the time. The obscure angle that I photographed the tree outside my house must suggest that I’m artistically inclined, too, right? And I can’t pass up Instagramming that photo of me apple picking, because look at how well the colors of the changing leaves compliment my hair and new flannel! #Fall is my favorite.

Let’s not forget that I am a hard-working college student for the majority of my time, though. To remind you, I’ve posted my medium skim sugar free vanilla latte with an extra shot of espresso (the max caffeine consumption is for brain power, duh) next to my stack of liberal arts books that I’ll be #studying from all night long. Or at least until I decide it’s time for your feed to be graced with a #mcm of my boyfriend and myself looking cute in our beachwear that I’ll spend an hour tweaking to perfection. Thank god for those apps that can make you look 10 pounds thinner, am I right?

So maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but sometimes we forget that what we post online is just an edited version of our lives. We need to stop comparing ourselves to what we see, because in reality, none of it is one hundred percent truthful. Continue to filter away (I know I sure will), but keep in mind that no matter how perfect someone’s life may appear to be, you’re just seeing the parts that they want you to see.

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