THAT '70S SHOW (Image Credit: 10th Century Fox)

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from…’That ’70s Show!’

THAT '70S SHOW (Image Credit: 10th Century Fox)

THAT ’70S SHOW (Image Credit: 10th Century Fox)

I may have been a teenager about 40 years after Eric and the gang, but that doesn’t mean That ‘70s Show didn’t teach me some valuable lessons on life.

Opposites really do attract

Tall, redhead Donna and short, skinny Eric; manipulative Jackie and gullible Kelso; Big Rhonda and Fez; caring Kitty and indifferent Red – unlikely pairs are the best kind. They keep life interesting, for themselves and everyone who gets to witness their interactions. Many people may claim the old saying is just a myth, but they are totally kidding themselves.

Sibling rivalry is real, and it is vicious

Siblings can never go very long without a fight, and Eric and Laurie are definitely no exception. In fact, they are an extreme. Watching the lengths both will go to get a leg up on the other proves that while siblings are close in DNA, that doesn’t mean they have any interest in a relationship. Of course siblings love each other no matter what the feud may be on the surface, but sometimes that love is buried deep, deep down.

You can always count on your friends when it matters most

When it comes to needing advice or a place to stay, friends will always be there to hook you up with exactly what you need when you need it. Though they may infuriate you with everyday antics, you know they will get serious and help you during the dire times – just like you’d do for them.

Every group needs a meeting space

In this case, Eric’s basement serves as the choice place to watch some TV, eat a popsicle, or sit in “the circle” and deeply contemplate all aspects of life. The space is always open to any group member, and when looking for one of the gang, the meeting spot is always the obvious place to look. It may not be the fanciest, best decorated place, but it has the essentials. With a back door for easy access, no meeting place could possibly be better.

If it is meant to be, it will

Jackie and Kelso may not have passed the test of time, but Donna and Eric sure did. After a break up and an almost conversion to a long distance relationship as Donna was heading off to college, it is clear to see they were meant to be together. Kitty and Red have lived many years happily married despite their aforementioned oppositeness. The group of friends, despite their quarrels and ever changing relationships, has managed to remain together since childhood. What is meant to be in life will stick around, sometimes whether you like it or not – like Laurie, for instance. She just keeps coming back.

Loving Star Wars will always make you a nerd (in a good way)

Even in the ‘70s Eric took flack for his love of the space story and all its characters. Though everyone teased him about it, even Donna, it was secretly endearing. So keep on Star Wars fans! Nerds are cool nowadays.

Always check your closet before bed

If you have a friend like Fez, an admitted closet stowaway, make sure to do a double check before heading to bed. It probably won’t stop him from coming back again and again, but at least you don’t have to worry about someone watching you while you sleep.

Don’t stash your cash

Eric learned the hard way, many times, that a secret money stash probably isn’t a secret to your best friends. If you’re saving up for something specific, or just looking to keep some dollars for a rainy day, keep them in the bank rather than in the meeting place. With the amount of time your friends spend there, they are sure to find it before you can spend it.

The ‘70s may have been over 40 years ago, but the general lessons of life have remained mostly the same. Who better to learn them from than a group of teenagers just realizing these lessons themselves?

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