(Image Credit: Kazzakova)

Would You… Try Hair Color Primer?

(Image Credit: Kazzakova)

(Image Credit: Kazzakova)

Primers are the new “it” product in beauty. It began with face primers, meant to make your foundation go on smoothly and last through your hectic day. Then came eye primers, which made complete sense — everyone wants the secret to crease-free eye shadow, and this did the trick! Then came lip primers, mascara primers and before we knew it, there seemed to be a primer to use for everything.

The next big thing on the primer scene is hair color primer. This primer is used before coloring, helping hair saturate color more evenly and hold onto color longer. The trick with any kind of primer is figuring out whether it is something that actually helps your look or if it is just a pointless step in your beauty routine. When it comes to hair color primer, there are quite a few factors to consider before choosing to try it or toss it.

If you’re dyeing your hair the exact same color, I would say skip the primer unless you’ve had problems with the color fading drastically. For myself, I have been the same shade of blonde for over half a decade, so I’m passing on the primer. Staying the same shade results in very little risk, so feel free to color on without grabbing a primer.

For those drastically changing your look, I’d say trying out the primer is a good idea. Changing from dark to light, or vice versa, can be a lot for hair to go through, and adding in the primer may help ease your hair into the new color. The primer will also help your hair even out so that the new color will saturate better, making sure you don’t have awkward, off-colored spots.

Wanting to go an intense color, like red? Or feeling a blue or purple mane? I would definitely recommend using a primer. Red is one of the hardest colors to keep in hair, so adding a primer beforehand may drastically help how the red holds. This is especially true for blondes going red (trust me, I have experience!) Any non-natural color will also be hard to hold and may wash out and fade much easier than other colors.

If you color your hair at home, do some research and see if primer sounds like something your hair needs. For those who go to a salon, ask your hairdresser about what he or she would recommend for your next coloring. For me, it’s not something my hair needs, but if I ever choose to rock my red again or add my blue streaks back in, I’ll probably try it out for some hair security.


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