SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: The CW Network)

‘Supernatural’ spinoff still a possibility for The CW

SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: The CW Network)

SUPERNATURAL (Image Credit: The CW Network)

Things looked grim for The CW’s Supernatural spinoff idea last season after the pilot for Supernatural: Bloodlines premiered to a lackluster audience followed by a slew of disappointment. Network executives couldn’t even get behind the idea of a supernatural turf war, and the pilot was ultimately discarded from the fall lineup.

But CW president Mark Pedowitz told reporters during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour this past July that the network “would love to get another Supernatural spinoff [on the air].” And showrunner Jeremy Carver is taking that sentiment to heart, teasing that another spinoff may be introduced to fans over multiple episodes, albeit differently than Bloodlines.

“I think maybe one lesson would be to take a couple episodes to introduce some of your new characters to the fandom so the fandom could get used to them and is rooting for them,” Carver told TVLine when discussing his takeaway from working with the original Supernatural spinoff.

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke even weighed in on the spinoff debate, noting that “We want to do [the spinoff] if it’s something we’re really excited about and it’s a corner of the universe we haven’t seen yet. We don’t want to do it just to jam a piece of business through. We want to do it if we’re going to come up with something that’s as good as the mothership… If it’s not an idea that we’re all totally in love with, we’re not going to do it.”

Speaking of the Supernatural fandom, everyone seems to have an opinion on just how a spinoff should be approached, and who the series should revolve around. From a secret society of rabbis to Generation Hunter 2.0, the fans have thought of everything and we just couldn’t resist pointing out a few of the most interesting.

The Judah Initiative

In the aptly titled Season 8 episode “Everybody Hates Hitler,” Sam and Dean were introduced to Aaron Bass (Adam Rose), his inherited Golem (John DeSantis) and a secret society of rabbis called The Judah Initiative whose sole purpose was to fight the Thule Society, a group of Nazi-sponsored necromancers who carried out magical experiments on Jewish prisoners during World War II.

Fans would love to see the bacon-loving Jewish Aaron (who, during college, rolled the pages of his “How to train your Golem” guidebook into joints) maneuver his new vows to continue the work of his grandfather and The Judah Initiative, try to figure out life with his Golem and the possibility of discovering more Judaic mythology within the show. Bonus points: the series could be based somewhere outside of the U.S., like Europe or South America.

Personally, I’m all for more of this adorable human being on television.


Men of Letters

Fans were introduced to Henry Winchester (Gil McKinney), Sam and Dean’s grandfather, in the Season 8 episode “As Time Goes By” and outside of knowing that poor Henry meets his end (and subsequently never returns home to his son John) facing off with Abbadon (Alaina Huffman) in the future, trying to rescue Sam, we don’t know much about this Man of Letters or the members as a whole.

As a spinoff, it would be interesting to learn more about the organization where our beloved boys hailed from, and were ultimately supposed to end up, by following the adventures of Henry and Josie Sands before she was possessed by Abaddon. Fans grew attached to both McKinney and Huffman during their respective times on Supernatural, and the Season 9 flashback “Mother’s Little Helper” proved to be one of the more interesting episodes of the season. Getting a feel for them, as well as any other Men of Letters we happened to meet along the way, would be a really cool historical background for fans to dive into.

Because I know most of the time, I feel like Dean.


Generation Hunter 2.0

Not even children are safe when it comes to Supernatural and just how the monsters that go bump in the night can change the course of a young life, and hidden in these characters is a spinoff tale just waiting to be told. And wouldn’t you know it, an entire Season 8 episode was dedicated to children in the harsh world of hunting. “Freaks and Geeks” caught up with Krissy Chambers (Madison McLaughlin) and her two companions as they played high schoolers by day and hunters by night.

The team, which featured McLaughlin as well as Adam DiMarco as Aidan and Megan Danso as Josephine, provided a new look at the hunting life, and would give a spinoff the chance to fall back onto Supernatural‘s monster-of-the-week roots. Having two of the three titles characters be female would also give the fans something they’ve been fighting for through the years, showing that girls can “kick it in the ass” just as well as any boy.

And would anyone else be dying to see a prom night that involved spiking the punch with holy water, or is that just me?


The Campbells

It was a huge surprise to Supernatural fans when it was revealed that Mary Winchester (Amy Gumenick), Sam and Dean’s mother, came from a long line of hunters, and was very much a part of the supernatural world in her younger days. And many fans think that a spinoff surrounding her life before her deal with Azazel would be a fun and interesting look at the Winchester history pre-Sam and Dean.

Throw in a young John Winchester (Matt Cohen) as a side character, clueless to the supernatural world (and maybe even the dude in distress at times) and it’s the perfect opportunity to write a heroine tale with a bit of a love story for all the romantics out there. Plus Gumenick plays young Mary as one serious badass, and someone I could never get tired of rooting for.


Even if the spinoff ends up focusing on all new characters like the original plans for Bloodlines, it’s always fun to speculate on what could be. Let us know in the comments below who or what you’d love to see in a Supernatural spinoff, and be sure to check out Season 10 of the series airing Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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One thought on “‘Supernatural’ spinoff still a possibility for The CW

  1. wintercoffeeaddict says:

    I would actually love to see the spin-off, It might end up being even better than the original, although i doubt it…but then again it happened with TVD and The Originals…

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