The Best of Instagram: Cutest Dogs Edition

(Image Credit: @montethemaltese)

(Image Credit: @montethemaltese)

Oh, Instagram. I thank you for making my photos look better, but I don’t thank you for the never-ending stream of the same type of photos on my feed. Yes, the quality of those already beautiful flowers is really boosted with Valencia, and sure that millionth picture of a cup of coffee looks so good with Lo-Fi. I’m tired of the scenery, food and selfies. Now, I turn to Instagram for man’s best friend.

I’m already an obsessive dog-lover. I have a Maltese puppy of my own, Maddie, and she is the light of my life. Any time I see a dog walking by, I adopt what I admit is an annoying baby voice and simply go nuts. Nothing brings this human more joy than to see the adorable face of the best animal on the planet.

By now, I probably follow more dogs on Instagram than friends, but I’m not complaining. Check out my five favorite dogs on Instagram!

5. George, Boston and Gertie, @muttadventures

These three mutts and their human make up an adorable family. The run, drink coffee and play Twister together. Most importantly, Emily McCracken, their owner, perfectly captures their adorableness in a constant stream of photoshoots. The #DogSquish photos are priceless.


(Image Credit: @muttadventures)

4. Ernie, @ernestthepug

True dog-people love pugs’ squishy faces. Ernie is so expressive, playful and stylish. Not every pug can pull off shower caps and bowties like Ernie. The face kills me. Plus, he often brings his many pug friends to the photo sessions. Props to my main pug!

(Image Credit: @ernestthepug)

(Image Credit: @ernestthepug)

3. Ginny, @ginny_jrt

There’s only one thing better than a playful dog, and that’s a sleeping dog. This Jack Russell Terrier loves her naps and snuggles. When she’s not sleeping, she’s jumping! Her happy, sweet white and tan face is a great addition to anyone’s home page.

(Image Credit: @ginny_jrt)

(Image Credit: @ginny_jrt)

2. Cricket, @evys_mom

Warm, beautiful scenery plus a gorgeous border collie, is there anything else you could ask for? This is an Instagram user who knows how to use filters! Cricket is an active dog who loves the outdoors and enjoys posing on things like poles and fire hydrants.

(Image Credit: @evys_mom)

(Image Credit: @evys_mom)

1. Marnie, @marniethedog AND Monte, @montethemaltese

I can’t pick between my two favorites! I won’t! These are the two accounts that started my obsession with dogs on Instagram. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing these two unbelievably adorable faces everyday. Marnie’s outrageously hilarious personality comes through in every photo of this Shih Tzu and her tongue. She loves lying on her back, going on shopping trips, walking around the streets of New York City and being best pals with celebrities. And Monte is the only Maltese I have ever seen that compares to my puppy. Monte is the king of dressing up. Whether it’s a shark or just his pajamas, he’s the perfect model! This tiny puppy has a costume for every occasion: Fourth of July, a football game and birthdays! Forget boring greeting cards, send your friends a snapshot of Monte!

(Image Credit: @marniethedog)

(Image Credit: @marniethedog)

As Animal Planet would say, these dogs are just too cute! If you ever have a bad day, search for these dogs and I guarantee you’ll be smiling in seconds.


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