SCANDAL (Image Credit: ABC)

Perfect Cocktail Pairings for Your Favorite TV Show

SCANDAL (Image Credit: ABC)

SCANDAL (Image Credit: ABC)

What’s better than sitting down to watch your favorite TV show? Sitting down to watch your favorite TV show with perfect adult beverage to go along with it. Just as you can pair fine wines to the foods that will best enhance their luscious flavors, woody undertones and tannins (whatever those are, I’m no Frasier Crane), there’s a cocktail out there that will match the mood of any show and highlight all of its best attributes. Check out our perfect pairings below!

The Big Bang Theory

Craving: Something quirky and fun, but on the nerdy and light side of things.

Perfect Pairing: What’s the best thing to sip on while watching your favorite gang of nerds? Star Wars themed cocktails of course. Check out this great page at for some cocktails that are seriously out of this galaxy!

Game of Thrones

Craving: A drink fit for medieval times, bloodshed, victory, and war; and one that will help you to numb the pain of the death of yet another main character.

Perfect Pairing: A plain and simple pairing: mead. While available in some select stores, mead can be hard to come by these days. Luckily for you, has a great tutorial on making your own. Bonus points if you drink it out of a tin stein.

Modern Family

Craving: This drink has to have a little bit of everything mixed in, come in copious quantities so that it can be shared, and cause large amounts of giggling.

Perfect Pairing: Sangria, obviously! It’s the best of multiple worlds coming together- wine, juice and fruit? Yum! Make a big pitcher to share with all the people you love and get ready to laugh.


Craving: Something mouthwatering and serious that leaves you wanting more.

Perfect Pairing: Try a Lemon Drop the next time you’re watching Kerry Washington do her thang. A to-the-point drink made with lemon juice and simple syrup, it’s the perfect combination of naughty and nice.

Mad Men

Craving: An old school, sexy cocktail with a little extra naughtiness.

Perfect Pairing: An extra dirty gin martini, olives not onions. Enough said.

New Girl

Craving: An adorkable and bubbly beverage fit for Jess and the rest of the crew.

Perfect Pairing: Pour up some mimosas the next time you tune into New Girl. There’s nothing quite as perky as some fresh OJ paired with champagne. To make it more Jess-approved, use pink champagne instead of the standard white.

Once Upon a Time

Craving: One whimsical concoction that’ll leave you feeling as if you’ve magically wound up in a fairytale.

Perfect Pairing: While it may not be the most unusual drink out there, an Appletini goes perfectly with ABC’s fantasy series. Regina would most certainly approve and the green color looks positively poisonous.

Downton Abbey

Craving: An idyllic refreshment to sip upon with our pinkies extended, the epitome of early 20th century class.

Perfect Pairing: A British staple, Pimm’s Cup No. 1 is a wonderful drink to enjoy while watching Downton. Never heard of Pimm’s before? You’ve been missing out. A gin-based liqueur, Pimm’s can be mixed with a variety of fruit jucies, sparkling water or ginger ale, fruits and mint for a real refresher.

Sons Anarchy

Craving: A gritty, tough as nails drink.

Perfect Pairing: It’s definitely not for a lightweight, but you’re a badass, so you can totally handle a Grateful Dead. With four base alcohols alone, it will pack a punch. But don’t be deceived, under its rough and tough exterior is a surprising sweetness. Sound familiar?

Parks and Recreation

Craving: A fun, but means-business drink that is not to be underestimated.

Perfect Pairing: It might be coming out of left field, but scotch whiskey on the rocks. Like Ron Swanson, it’s a serious drink that’s really a whole lot of fun. Plus, it’s Leslie Knope approved.

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Craving: A drink that is both creepy-weird and somewhat kinky. It should probably leave you with a ghastly hangover.

Perfect Pairing: Look no further than The Alien Brain Hemorrhage. Super creepy; oddly delicious. Since it’s a shooter and not an actual cocktail, chances are you’ll be drinking more than one. Check out this tutorial from the

The Walking Dead

Craving: A drink that makes you cringe yet keeps you wanting to drink it no matter how gross it may come across.

Perfect Pairing: Ok, it might be a bit biased and rather predictable, but the Zombie is a clear winner. With its disturbing name, but crave worthy flavors, the Zombie blows away other pairing choices.

The Vampire Diaries / The Originals

Craving: Something with a bit of a southern flare that’s as smooth and irresistible as the Salvatore Brothers but edges towards a more dangerously delicious nature like Klaus.

Perfect Pairing: A Whiskey Sour is a great choice when watching these hot guys and their female counterparts. A little sweet, a little sour, just like these vampires.

The Mindy Project

Craving: A drink that is fit for a diva, super tasty and will look cute with any outfit you’re wearing.

Perfect Pairing: Mindy would definitely approve of the Blue Hawaii. It’s fun, it’s stylish, it’s delicious and just a bit over the top – just like everyone’s favorite doctor.

Let us know what your perfect pairings would be in the comments below! Happy sipping!

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