The Best Lip Colors For Fall

Lip Color Fall

A wise woman once said, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” That wise woman was Gwyneth Paltrow, and judging by her mastery of the glam and sophisticated look, I have to assume she’s doing something right. The right lipstick can make or break your look, so it’s in your best interest to check out these fabulous products for fall!

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick

First of all, with this edgy, black and studded packaging you’re going to look like a bad ass pulling this lipstick out of your purse. This lipstick coats lips with smooth and satiny color, lasting for up to ten hours. The colors are available in a variety of bold shades to bring out your inner rockstar.

Best fall color: Lullabye

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet

Chanel cosmetics are known for their timeless colors with an elegant simplicity. This lipstick has been my go to for a very long time; mostly for the moisture it provides while still holding color throughout the whole day. The velvet matte finish makes this lipstick the perfect base color before applying your favorite gloss.

 Best fall color: La Sensuelle

Benefit Benetint

This lipstain should be a staple in every woman’s purse. The product doubles as a lip and cheek stain, adding a rose tint to the desired area all day. This lip color is perfect for day or night, and can appear different shades of red depending on the application process you choose to use. The more you apply, the more dramatic the look!

Best fall color: The Classic Benetint

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Trust me when I say your lips will look significantly more plump after just one use of this gloss. I’ve practically become a sales woman for this product because I believe in it that much. The best part of this lip plumper is it starts working immediately and also makes long lasting results on your lips. The serum appears glossy and full of shine, making it the perfect finish on a new lipstick.

Best fall color: To date, this serum only comes in clear. Pair it with a bold red or deep plum and you’re sure to look fierce.

Maybelline Color Whisper

There’s nothing worse than lipstick that appears clumpy and chapped after a couple applications. This lipstick is full of moisture to make your lips appear lustrous and smooth throughout your busy day. Because the lipstick lacks heavy oils and gels, the lipstick appears weightless and natural. This is the time of the year to try a dramatic and daring color, and this lipstick offers a wide variety of shades to experiment with.

Best fall color: Mad for Magenta

A new season always brings new changes and opportunities. Be bold and brave this fall, and make sure to bring your lipstick and confidence with you. And should you have a hard time deciding which color to choose, just remember, when in doubt, always choose red [lipstick].

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