BLANK SPACE Music Video (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Vevo)

Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ Music Video!

BLANK SPACE Music Video (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Vevo)

BLANK SPACE Music Video (Image Credit: Taylor Swift Vevo)

Let me just start by saying “Blank Space” is one of, if not my favorite song on Taylor Swift’s new album 1989. Of course, if we’re being honest, picking one favorite is pretty tough. Regardless, when TSwift’s album hit the shelves on October 27, the world was in a frenzy over her new, totally reimagined sound. Then, on November 10, the world was graced with the official video for “Blank Space” and it did not disappoint.

So after watching it once (and then eventually breaking the replay button on YouTube) I’ve come up with a list of 10 things I’ve learned after watching Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video. Enjoy.

  1. The pen click was genius. This isn’t so much about the music video as it is about the pretty awesome style choice they made for the song. The pen click after “I’ve got a blank space baby” was a nice touch.
  2. Olivia Benson, Taylor’s newest furbaby, makes a cameo. It’s true, Olivia Benson is on her way to stardom (or at least making her grand debut) in this music video. If you want to see her, she’s in that scene where Taylor has a white horse on either side of her while she lounges in a huge white bed. No really, that’s a thing.
  3. She totally nails the dramatic, slowmo walk. It’s one thing to look amazing while walking at a standard rate, but when you slow it down, can you look flawless? As the stars of The SlowMo Guys say: if you look dumb in slow-mo, you’ll look dumb for a really long time. Or at least, something to that nature. Thankfully, Taylor kills the slow-mo.
  4. Swift wears 21 different outfits. Don’t believe me? You could count them yourself if you’d like, but you might lose count. So instead, you can click here to see each outfit highlighted, and then watch for yourself to marvel at her wonderful fashion choices.
  5. That side glare, though. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that crazy side glare. Words won’t do it justice. Just know that if eyes could kill, Taylor’s side glare would be a nuclear bomb.
  6. No you’re not crazy, that is in fact Boris’s mansion from Royal Pains. Which is pretty neat, because if there’s one thing I like almost as much as Taylor Swift it’s Royal Pains. And, it really sets the tone for the rest of the video, because there’s no way someone couldn’t be a little insane living in a house that large all by their lonesome. Or maybe that’s just me?
  7. Speaking of crazy… Crazy is a surprisingly good look on Taylor. Take it how you will, but it’s true. When she’s lying against the marble fireplace and that mascara is running down her face it just screams crazy. But I found myself going, “Wow, she seriously can be anything and look amazing while doing it. Even crazy. Now that takes talent.”
  8. Regina George makes a cameo. Okay that’s not entirely true – well not true at all, really – but Taylor is obviously a fan of Mean Girls. There is no way those holes in her guy’s shirt were a coincidence and they just might even be a reference to Katy Perry’s twitter comment. Definitely a great moment in the video. And in case you were wondering about the guy who really does make a cameo in the video he’s model Sean O’Pry, who just so happens to have been born in 1989 just like Swift.
  9. Standing on horses just got (insanely) cool. Maybe it was just me, but after watching this video, I wanted to stand upon a horse’s back, arms open and pretend I owned the whole dang world. Bonus points if it could be at Biltmore House in Asheville, NC to at least simulate the Hamptons. Double bonus points if I did it right the first time without falling off (or breaking any bones).
  10. Pop is a great fit for Taylor. Coming back full circle to the whole musicality aspect of Taylor’s “Blank Space,” I think pop is a good fit for Taylor. Sure, her country is pretty great but it’s great to hear her spread her talents to another genre. Though, she could probably do with a little less crazy. Drop the crazy, keep the spunk.

So if you haven’t bought the album yet, just do it. Don’t think twice, just go out and buy 1989. Pop it in your CD player and blast it as loud as it’ll go. Then, once you’ve fallen head over heals for the new album, be sure to enjoy every second of her new music video. It’s one that the more you watch it, the better it gets. Now get back to watching “Blank Space,” I didn’t mean to interrupt.

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