The Best TV Shows for Binge Watching!



With the advent of digital streaming sites, binge watching television shows has become a much more common practice. Netflix made it even easier for viewers by producing shows and then releasing an entire season all at once. Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and the long awaited fourth season of Arrested Development were tailor-made for binge watchers who hate waiting a whole week between episodes of their favorite shows. Here are some great shows that just beg you to watch episode after episode on a lazy weekend with your cats.

Criminal Minds

This is my current television addiction. It’s so easy to watch the episodes out of order. Yes, there are some character plot lines that can leave the casual viewer confused during the subplot scenes at the beginning and end of each episode, but for the most part anyone can jump right in and get hooked. A few months ago, I decided to watch the series from the beginning. I love this show. The chemistry of this entire ensemble makes changes in this stellar cast rare. Any character departures that do happen are meaningful and justified through the storyline. It also helps that everyone on this show is easy on the eyes. The series is incredibly dark and disturbing, so stay away if you’re squeamish or prone to nightmares.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Throwback! If you thought your high school was scary, you wouldn’t have lasted a single semester at Sunnydale High. This show is witty and campy in the best way. It has all the juicy “will they, won’t they” tension and uncomfortable love triangles you could possibly want and all the creepy crawlies you don’t. This show is great for the badass ladies, the creativity of the supernatural elements and the metaphors that relate to the struggles teenagers encounter in their everyday lives. Wouldn’t it be great if our problems were monsters and we could defeat them with a little butt kicking? This show has a big heart and if you can get past the cringe-worthy special effects, you’ll grow to love the Scoobies as they deal with high-school drama while battling those pesky monsters.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

For everyone who has horrible, selfish thoughts but never dares to say them out loud, meet It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This black comedy focuses on four narcissistic jerks as they attempt to keep their dream bar from running into the ground. “The Gang” gets into all sorts of trouble as they scheme to make a quick buck or obtain revenge for petty affronts to their egos. Danny DeVito joins the cast in the second season as the depraved father of twins Dennis and Dee. The dark, mean-spirited humor is not for everyone. The episodes are pretty much stand-alone, so I would suggest watching the season four finale, “The Nightman Cometh” to give the show a test ride.

And the granddaddy of all binge-worthy television shows…

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Law & Order. I also love Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Especially the Jeff Goldblum seasons. Jeff Goldblum makes everything better. However, Law & Order: SVU is undoubtedly a cut above the rest. Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni as Detectives Benson and Stabler have an unbeatable chemistry right off the bat that keeps their relationship compelling through the end of Season 12. The supporting cast also never fails to impress. Richard Belzer, Dan Florek, and Tamara Tunie are excellent in their own right. I would also like to state that I am B.D. Wong’s unofficial biggest fan. The writers on the show do all of these incredible actors justice with sharp dialogue and creative storytelling that never gets stale. The subject matter is dark, so I strongly suggest taking the occasional break in binge watching this series and watch an upbeat detective show in between, like Pushing Daisies.

These shows all span over several years, so there’s plenty of content to keep you occupied for months. If you’re feeling nostalgic or just want to catch up with a popular series, head over to your favorite online streaming platform and get watching!

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