The Coolest Quirky Pet Products

Pet Products

One day, I’m going to become a crazy cat lady. I only have one cat, but I have names for the next six picked out in my head. It’s a problem. But, this problem allows me to understand those who want nothing but the finest for their little fur balls. Below are just a few of the coolest products designed with pets in mind.

Precision Pet Products Outback Savannah Dog House

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Gosh, my dog really needs a nicer doghouse than my human house’? Don’t worry, there are plenty of doghouse designers (not kidding) who are way ahead of you. Doghouses like this can be mighty expensive, but this is, of course, about investing in your dog’s future.

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Cats are often under the impression that they’re Batman, and therefore stare wistfully off the edge of a very tall cabinet. Perhaps a little adventure up in the air will cheer up their dark little hearts? Enter the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge, meant to add a little excitement to your kitty’s life. Whether they want to use it as a hammock (as pictured) or just as a way to get from Point A to Point B, it is certainly a décor addition they will enjoy. And yes, hanging that thing up in your house scores you major pet parent points.

Wooden Hamster Super Combined Playground Sleeping Place

Because hamsters need excitement in their lives too, guys. Treat your hamster like your first-born by getting them the nicest playground around. It certainly looks like more fun than your average hamster wheel.

Cat Bridge

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge by CatastrophiCreations on Etsy

Umbra Fish Hotel

Just let that sink in for a minute. For those of us who pretended to run a hotel for all of our stuffed animals when we were little (hoping that wasn’t just me), this is kind of a dream come true. These individual fish bowls (or squares, in this instance) are stackable, so each fish gets their own tiny hotel room to themselves. Yup, I’m squealing as a write this.

KONG Whale Off & On Squeaker Dog Toy

After getting your pets all of these awesome goodies, you deserve something that will benefit you while also continuing your giving spirit. Let’s face it: you buy them because your dog loves them, but squeaky toys are so annoying. So, a kind citizen at KONG has created a squeaker with an off switch, surely much to the joy of dog owners everywhere.

Pets are pretty easy to buy gifts for – if they can play catch with it or it smells like catnip, it’s probably a hit. Still, it can be pretty fun to splurge on them sometimes!

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