HEARTSTRINGS (Image Credit: Leighton Meester)

A track-by-track breakdown of Leighton Meester’s ‘Heartstrings’

HEARTSTRINGS (Image Credit: Leighton Meester)

HEARTSTRINGS (Image Credit: Leighton Meester)

When you hear the name Leighton Meester, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Most likely her well-known character, Blair Waldorf, am I right? She’s not the only one stuck in the “known-for-one-role” category. The same could be said for Kristen Stewart, Daniel Radcliffe and more. But, just like the rest of these individuals, Meester is doing her best to stray away from only being known for one thing. In fact, she can add songstress to her resume.

Now, to say Meester is “new” to music would be a lie. She’s been featured in many different songs, like “Good Girls Go Bad” by Cobra Starship. Even if you don’t realize that’s her voice, it’s really her! Since she has more time on her hands since Gossip Girl wrapped up, Meester recently released her debut album Heartstrings.

The transition from actress to singer isn’t fit for everyone, but Meester does it flawlessly. Veering from the natural course of heading into the pop genre, we can find her music tucked nicely into the folk/indie genre. At first listen, you almost don’t even believe it’s Queen B. She’s just full of surprises. If you’re still not sure about listening to her album, here’s a track-by-track review for you to consider:

  1. “Heartstrings”

This is, of course, her title track,so it’s only fitting that she starts her album with this. It’s about someone who is running back to win Meester’s heart, but she refuses to give her heart back to the one who hurt her. Beautifully written and sung. Not to mention, her music video was just as charming.

  1. “Run Away”

This is a song about running away with your significant other. Pretty obvious with the title, but the lyrics make it feel real. Seriously. If you shut your eyes and just listen to her lyrics, try to not imagine you’re on some secluded land with your loved one doing whatever you want and forgetting about all your worries right then and there. It also helps that Meester’s voice is basically like an angel.

  1. “Good for One Thing”

This is pretty much the most upbeat track you’ll hear on the album. It’s undeniable you’ll start tapping your foot or maybe even clap your hands along with the beat. It’s a pretty funny song in which Meester basically says, “You’re pretty. But that’s all. Stop talking, please.”

  1. “Sweet”

If you’re part of the Gossip Girl fandom like I am, you can recall Meester’s voice yelling “Serena!” or talking way too fast for comprehension while she plots a genius plan. So, hearing her voice turn sultry was a 180 for me. The song title defines what this song is — sweet and sexy all at the same time. Is that even possible?

  1. “On My Side”

If you’re trying to learn the lyrics to this song, just remember this: “Come and see me/my heart’s beating/ come and save me/my heart’s waiting for you.” The majority of the song is this repeated chorus, which is a tad unusual for me to hear, but it’s catchy nonetheless. It stays true with the theme of the album, but am I the only one who thinks this belongs on a 90’s movie soundtrack?

  1. “L.A.”

It seems like everyone has a song to write about the city they live in, and Meester is no different. “L.A.” sounds like a true summer song fit for the sunny city. With the vocals backing up Meester on this track, it brings a huge ’60s vibe into the mix. Leighton, you would have fit right in with the music back then.

  1. “Dreaming”

“Dreaming” is a perfect track for of the soundtrack of Pretty Little Liars. It’s eerie to begin with, and Meester’s voice adds to that tone. The track introduces a fantasy or idea she only sees whenever she dreams. Now, tell me that doesn’t fit perfectly into an episode of Pretty Little Liars!

  1. “Blue Afternoon”

If you thought “Blue Afternoon” has to do with a cold afternoon in Los Angeles, it doesn’t. It’s actually about Meester being so caught up in a relationship that she gets lost in her lover’s eyes.

  1. “Entitled”

If there’s one thing I got out of this song, it’s the lyric: “Shame on you, but shame on me too.” It’s a strong, empowering song where Meester finally realizes after all this time in an unhealthy relationship, she is entitled to things like happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy.

At the end of the day, my favorite song off her album would have to be “Run Away.” But, that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly putting the whole album on repeat. Did this convince you to maybe try listening to the album? (At least on Spotify?) What do you think about it? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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