Jaclyn Hill (Image Credit: Jaclyn Hill)

The Top 5 YouTube Makeup Artists

Jaclyn Hill (Image Credit: Jaclyn Hill)

Jaclyn Hill (Image Credit: Jaclyn Hill)

Need help perfecting the Kardashian contour? Just want to hear an opinion on a foundation that you’re thinking of buying? Look no further than YouTube. There is an entire world of beauty vloggers out there that offer makeup tips and tricks at the click of a mouse. Rather than searching through millions of videos to find something helpful, here are some of my personal favorite channels that offer the best beauty advice.

Chloe Morello

Chloe’s channel was the first that I’d ever stumbled upon. She is a young, beautiful Australian makeup enthusiast. While many of her earlier videos are recreations of makeup looks worn by Victoria’s Secret models, her channel and range of videos has grown substantially. Chloe offers many bold looks, but also has many makeup and hair tutorials that are extremely wearable. Plus, I’ve never seen someone create such flawless winged eyeliner in my life.


The Pixiwoo sisters, Nic and Sam, are two professional makeup artists based in the U.K. They recreate looks from countless celebrities and also offer general advice for certain skin types, products and the like. Although the videos tend to be on the longer side, it is worth watching every minute. The makeup application process is always explained in such detail that even the most complicated looks are made doable to the average person. They also have a line of makeup brushes and tools called “Real Techniques” that are quite affordable and high quality.


Wayne Goss is one of the best-known YouTube makeup artists out there. He has countless how-to videos, gives tons of product reviews, and shows how to avoid making common makeup errors. Wayne’s videos are generally focused on one specific aspect, so most of them are on the shorter side. This is great if you are just looking for the solution to one problem and don’t have time to watch someone’s entire beauty routine.

Kandee Johnson

Besides being the sweetest, kindest person on the planet, Kandee is also extremely helpful and talented when it comes to makeup application. She has videos on how to fake fuller lips, get whiter teeth and color your hair. She also features some hilarious videos where she shows you how to look like Justin Bieber or one of the guys from Duck Dynasty. Plus, Kandee always has the type of upbeat personality that would brighten anyone’s day!

Jaclyn Hill

As a self-taught former MAC makeup artist, Jaclyn offers lots of useful tips that you might not hear outside of a professional cosmetology course. She is exceptionally knowledgeable on MAC products and there application, but also uses plenty of other popular brands. She always seems to know what is on-trend, constantly creating looks that coincide with the upcoming season or popular celebrity style at the moment. Jaclyn’s application is almost always flawless, showing the viewer step-by-step how the products blend together and how much time you need to spend perfecting each section of your makeup.

Whether you’re a beginner or makeup expert, there is something out there for everyone to learn on YouTube when it comes to beauty. Next time you’re thinking about buying a new skincare product or aren’t sure what lip color suits your skin tone the best, check out what advice YouTube has to offer! You might learn something surprisingly useful.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 5 YouTube Makeup Artists

  1. Ashley-Anna says:

    Great choices, I love them all! However, I’m surprised you didn’t say Lauren Curtis… She’s an all-time favorite of mine:).

    • Nicole Nekilla says:

      I totally agree with you! 🙂 Love Lauren! Have you seen Lisa Eldridge? She is an amazing make up artist – absolutely love her. Shame that they didn’t include them, also Helena Dželalija is newer on You Tube but love her style. And that face!! Uugh ❤ 😀

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