400 DAYS (Image Credit: 400 Days Movie/Twitter)

Four Reasons to get excited for ‘400 Days’

400 DAYS (Image Credit: 400 Days Movie/Twitter)

400 DAYS (Image Credit: 400 Days Movie/Twitter)

First off, let me acknowledge that this film has nothing to do with The Walking Dead video game entitled 400 Days – sorry walker stalkers. When doing a little online research about this film every time I entered “400 Days” into Google the first few links on the results page were regarding The Walking Dead, so I had to dig even deeper to find more about the new film starring Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Ben Feldman, Tom Cavanaugh, Grant Bowler and Dane Cook. This motley crew assemblage of actors and sci-fi thriller is sure to mess with your mind by utilizing themes reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey and Prometheus.

400 Days is about a group of astronauts that set off on a 400 day mission to a distant planet to test the psychological effects of deep space travel. However, the mission does not bode well leaving the travelers in peril while wondering if they were the subjects of the experiment all along. Writer/director Matt Osterman (Ghost from the Machine) penned what Deadline described as a “mind-bending screenplay that reminds us why we make movies to begin with.” New Artist Alliance’s Gabriel Cowan goes on to say “Its complete sense of awe, mystery, and character grabbed us right away. And the crazy reality is that NASA and the European Space Agency are conducting these types of psychological experiments in preparation for the manned mission to Mars right now.” Here are a few reasons why this upcoming movie should spark your interest:

  1. Brandon Routh – It’s been eight years since this hunky actor played Superman in Superman Returns and we’re dying to see him in another major role. This is especially true if this part includes a close fitting space suit and/or a shirtless scene. Worth the ticket price.
  2. Dane Cook being serious – I know you’re all scratching your heads on this one but its true; he wants to be a serious actor. Can he pull it off? That’s the ultimate question but I’m willing to check out this movie to see how his conversion from comedian to dramatic actor fares.
  3. Matt Osterman – The writer/director’s sophomore feature is sure to come with high expectations as his first feature, Ghost from the Machine, opened in festivals around the world to mostly positive reviews in 2010. It’s about time he’s released another feature and with a boat load more star power, I am expecting good things.
  4. Space – The scariest frontier. If you watched Gravity last year, you know even when the movie isn’t intent on being a thriller, setting it in space ensures those chills of fear. Dying in space is pretty much the worst fate I can imagine, since my body may float through the galaxies for the rest of time. Combine that fear with psychological torture…not cool but the makings of an excellent movie.

All in all, this may very well turn out to be fantastic film and I encourage you to keep your eyes out for its release in 2015.


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