ESPA Life at Corinthia (Image Credit: ESPA Life at Corinthia)

5 Spas to Add to Your Bucket List

ESPA Life at Corinthia (Image Credit: ESPA Life at Corinthia)

ESPA Life at Corinthia (Image Credit: ESPA Life at Corinthia)

We all need a little time to ourselves every so often – so why not get spoiled in one of the coolest spas on earth? Go big or go home. For those of us that are all about those mani-pedis and facials, discovering a spa that goes above and beyond the average hotel beauty escape gets our hearts aflutter. Spa-lovers who are searching for some extraordinary pampering, look no further – here are some of the coolest spas in the world, all of which deserve a spot on every beauty queen’s bucket list:

The Spa at Hotel Hershey

Imagine a town that smells of chocolate, where you can find yourself treated to sugar, spice and everything nice. No, it’s not a fictional place – it’s Hershey, Pennsylvania (and yes, it actually smells like chocolate.) At the Spa at Hotel Hershey, guests can enjoy cocoa facials, mojito sugar scrubs and pumpkin latte pedicures. Sounds delicious.


Want to visit a spa that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie? Liquidrom in Berlin is the spot for you. Featuring a dark domed pool and oceanic music, this most definitely seems like an out-of-this-world place to unwind.

Remède Spa

It’s a cold, snowy night in a cozy lodge, and as if that doesn’t sound relaxing enough, you want some more time to chill out (pun intended). Remède Spa in Aspen provides customized facials, massages, baths and wraps to suit individual needs with a beautiful ski village as its backdrop.

Talise Spa

Dubai is the land of all things fancy (and expensive), so of course at the Talise Spa vacationers can treat themselves to gold-infused facial treatments and romantic moonlit swims in a private infinity pool. Obviously.

ESPA Life at Corinthia

This is it: the perfect spot for the on-the-go Londoner (or London visitor – there’s an awful lot to do there, after all). Those who want some “me-time” on a hectic day can get a quick fix by trying out the Rush Hour Treatments at this European oasis. As the name implies, yes, such treatments take only an hour before you’re back in action.

This is but a handful of the many unique, breathtaking and beautiful spas around the globe. For those devoted to knocking these off the bucket list ­– there is plenty more than where this came from, so go forth and beautify.

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